Don't Pointe, It's Rude

as a dancer, i have to say that this isnt the most realistic foot positioning.

HOWEVER, i love the idea of this tee. thus, a four.


Watch this

why are there legs on the other one? , i agree with cauliflower and i'm not even a dancer, it looks kidna strange


Those are ballet shoes?


This is just sort of ugly.


took me like ten years to figure out what this was


Your design isn't very clear. I'm not too sure what this is...


Okay, as another dancer, I should not be confused by shoes. But your design took me a while to comprehend. For one, it's not consistent: the shoe in the upper left corner looks like a toe shoe, and the other one looks like a ballet shoe (no flat part on end). Also, the upper left corner one is bloblular at the bottom- what are all the extra lumps supposed to be? More toes? Her ankles suck, and I hate the legs. But if this was going to get good enough scores to redo, I'd change the color of the shoes themselves. The red is much better.


before i saw the legs on the side, i had no idea what the hell those were


wow, took me a long time to see what those were. Shoes....Im so slow today.


it was a contemporary jazz pose, done on pointe.

bookburner22 guys are hateful. I had a whol paragraph written out in response to a few comments, but...i erased it. i felt that if i poted it, i would be playing into the hands of the non-constructive critics of the world.

so, i'll just say this:
Thank you for your attention to detail. I'll be sure to be more careful next time i design something of this theme. I hope to design something you like better next time around.

--better yet i'll even mean it.


i thought it was kind of cute... once i realized what it was... i'm not into ballet so i wouldn't wear it... but i know my best pal would..


it isn't very clear and it doesn't portray the title at all. looking at this makes my feet hurt...ow, like really bad. gives me cramps. anyway, it's rather pointeless (har har) and i don't think it would be a good shirt for threadless b/c probably only dancers would ever wear something like this. that is, if it was done well.


what the heck are those?!!?

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