Ramble cause I'm Bored.

Mother's day stresses me out.
I've thought of something to do for a shirt. It just requires alot of thinking to make sure I execute it correctly. Guess what? No breakfast in it.

Junior prom is tomorrow, I'm going to wear chucks with a dress (cliche, I know but dress shoes just aren't possible right now) my friends are forcing me to go...there goes my Saturday. I have two research papers to write, and two more to "catch up" for not being in gym due to my ankle breakage and recovery. Lovely. Drumline auditions take up from my time too. Also, I'm learning German for no apparent reason. I have a fairly large puffy Frankenstein style scar on my ankle and still limp everywhere from the screws in it, and muscle spasms. It's so damn attractive.
I can hardly wait for a week to pass.
Now you probably know more about me than you wished to.

And If you call my phone, I'll ignore it. But if you try again I might make you pasta... just guess where that's coming from.

Watch this

I love how teachers (band directors included) have an amazing way of trying to crush that summer exitement with last-minute projects, as well as events and auditions to stress over. Try not to let anything get you down. Drumline and German are two things you won't regret. (I didn't.)


Hey, congratulations on your shirt getting printed!

The Drew

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