Goodbye, Cruel World

  • by el balazo
  • posted Dec 24, 2005

For some reason, morbid situations are almost always gratifying.

Watch this

ha thats really cute
mayby you could put a tiny suicide note beside the puddle though, to make it more obvious?


the screaming one is hilarious!


this makes me think of calvin and hobbes.

I can't really see myself wearing it, but I do think it's neat!

She Says So

to much 'cheap multipack comedy christmas card'

andyg profile pic Alumni

Nice job! 5

staffell profile pic Alumni

been done before miwwions of times


lol good stuff!


This is a really hilarious design, but if I wasn't so lazy, I'd scan in this exact picture from one of my Calvin and Hobbes books. Did you just simply cut and paste this image from the book?


love, love, love -exactly like the snowmen calvin makes in watterson's books- would buy

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^^^ isn't that a problem tho...that its EXACTLY like calvin and hobbes. makes me think of the horribleness that is the stickers with calvin pissing on things too. time to rip crap off.


I think its funny and pretty well done but its kind of over done

el balazo

Yeah, nothing too original here. The idea probably came more from Gary Larson (The Far Side), who popularized the comic morbidity with bugs, deer, and, yes, even snowmen. No, I didn't trace a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. Most times that you create something, you're unaware of your influences.

Keep in mind that as much this website is bursting the brand thing, tee shirts are not fine art. They're commercial art, which means if no one would want to buy a design, it won't get printed. I haven't been a member of this website for too long, but I must say that this site is just as enamored with referential humor as the rest of pop culture is.

It's frustrating to try to find out the tastes of an entirely esoteric community that's obsessed with "clever," "original," or "random" designs, especially when the truly original stuff is lambasted for not having an inate nudge-nudge joke or a Delorean slapped on it.

My first designs submitted were all hand-drawn, all intentionally uninfluenced by referential pop culture (except for an octopus, which is part of this community's faux pas list) , and all very blandly received. Only one design lasted more than a day, and the feedback I got wasn't really on style or artsmanship, but that there were no "jokes" in the designs.

Sufficed to say, the designers on this site walk a thin line between originality and obscurity, and I'll keep on with the trial-and-error technique until I can start putting out stuff that people would want to buy enough to vote for it. This site is a good thing, and it's good practice for me.



i would wear it.


i love it on the olive color.


on the blue, as long as it isnt a bright blue (think cstrangers with candy), i hate that color.


yeah stick a Delorean on it and id buy it


sorry i couldnt help myself, im right with you dude.


myea definitely screams calvin and hobbes...
screaming and everything.
though i still like it



I love it

no one impotant

love calvin and hobbes love this shirt.
you knoe what i want a transmorgafier


its transmografier.
but yes, calvin and hobbes, only the best
do it on the blue


Made me laugh


Hahaha 5.

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