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don't worry, eat !

  • by apy
  • posted Dec 21, 2005

The dead line between northern and southern hemisphere.

Watch this
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its a cool idea

why does the fat guy look like a fat val kilmer?

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Cool man, nice colours, nice idea (a bit cruel, but allright).
The composition is good, although I'd like to see it with 'equator' in a different way. Maybe loose the words and make it clear in another way, or make it smaller or move it nearer to the plate.

Well drawn!


reminds me of that one episode of South Park with "starvin' marvin"


You're making a good statement, but I honestly wouldn't buy it.
Seriously good message here, though.


The fat man can be fatter!


The man should be fatter; the children lankier, make one a little girl for balance (not the middle one.) lose the red; it's too harsh.

Maybe a light yellow, eventhough I really don't care for yellow; it just seems to fit better.

The man also looks too "polished" and honestly, the average American slob is just that: gross and fat.


when i think north, i think top. bottom, south.

otherwise, i like the idea.


i agree with 12 monkeys, maybe you should switch the sides around, other than that, true


kick ass idea

i agree with 12 monkeys ... switch 'em up



"The man also looks too "polished" and honestly, the average American slob is just that: gross and fat."

YEAH, THOSE FUCKING AMERICAN SLOBS! They're so goddamn gross and FAT stuffing themselves with pork rinds from WALMART and shooting their GUNS and voting for BUSH! They're the reason for the gross disproportion of wealth in the world! Unlike us skinny faux-arty emo kids, we're not part of the problem at all! We shop at TARGET!

(man there was probably a more civil way to get that across but I'm tired, so vehement sarcasm it is.)


americans are stupid and im not proud to be one


Americans are not inherintly stupid but have been made so by the fact that our education system has failed due to many years of taking funding and giving it to people like that fat guy who are too content to live off the sytem and not get a job...great design though I agree with 12monkeys that it should be a top bottom directional flow...



yay and boo.

good job! 4


I like it and would buy it,
but maybe some other boundary other than the equator?
the equator divides japan and australia, but both people groups are well off.

americans have no idea how bad off other countries are.


fix the man -- he doesn't look really fat to me, but just like he's wearing an odd, lumpy shirt. i love it!


This is the best ever


are the proceeds from this shirt going to little brown people with big eyes on the "other side of the equator"?
but, they're probably going to the fat white man on "this side of the equator."


cool. 5 , I'd llike this on black, or something not red


it's a bit too political for threadless.


but it's true.... i was going to do an idea exactly like this.... oh well.


love the fat guy. 5!


Meh. Kinda...bland. Ugly on red, pretty bad in any case. A bit too political. 2


i like the idea but not on a shirt.


this shirt wins the $23949458 dollar contest. You should do more along this line of work. People don't like it b/c it makes us aware of what we try to hide.

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