Jesus goes for gold

heh outrageous!

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Its Jesus LOL!

This is great.


someones going to hell =P


whoever made this one should burn in hell for all eternitythis shirt sucks and i would never give you the satisfaction of wearing it i hope you die

Mr. Monkey

Damn you made some new enemies...
But I thought it was pretty funny.



BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

you get a 5 just for coldseptemberx3's comment.

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

Definately not for threadless, but still GOLD.

lol get it gold jesus wins the medal.

ahh, christ...


Wow, Coldseptemberx3 is clearly a true christian!
The shirt is a hilarious idea but the execution would need to be a a bit better for me to buy it. Voting 4 for the laugh and your courage though.


Christ thats funny!


Well, I don't have any violent impulses toward you/it, but it hits too close to home for me. Juust a wee over the line. It is not poorly done.

Easy Jack

While I find this very funny I also recognize the fact that it's very tasteless and not something I want to wear on a shirt.

Top it all off the execution of the concept is rather poor. $0.


I live in the Bible belt.

And I'm Jewish.

Fuck the Bible-thumpers and nay-sayers.

PLEASE give me this shirt.



I love this. very daring.


i love it and don't worry just ask for forgiveness and god will let you into heaven jesus he's a mug huh?? 5 but i would not buy it because i live in deepest ruralist france full of dirty catholics .....up the protestants

Garnett F

The execution is poor. You need a big cross and some nails.


while I would not wear this and do not endorse the trivializing of one of the most polarizing events in history...I must give you some credit for having the guts to post something this contraversial on this site...

benny breaks

...why does everyone seem to focus on Christianity when they bash a religion?

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

Because its less offensive and more appropriate to bash the religion that you are most familiar with.


I'm so offended I think I could puke, I NEED THIS SHIRT.

Geoff G

This is so amazingly offensive. But I couldn't help laughing.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

hahahaah oh man


the_boxkite profile pic Alumni

how is this offensive? at least he's getting all 10's from the Bizarro Upside-down Olympic judges. If it was like...all flaming red -666's ... it would be a different story. I wouldn't wear it but I gave it a 5 and i LOVE the girl and word bubble. GO GOD!


"whoever made this one should burn in hell for all eternitythis shirt sucks and i would never give you the satisfaction of wearing it i hope you die "

This user made me LOL harder than the shirt, but the shirts still awesome. I too live on the bible belt, and would love to wear this shirt. Especially to the 'Passion' screening on Chtistmas Eve at tthe local protty shack. $555


benny breaks came out of the closet to say:

"...why does everyone seem to focus on Christianity when they bash a religion? "

Because its amusing that, despite the fact that 75% of Americans are christian, the christians still feel like a minority. They blame it on all of the crazy ACLU type, but really its just all of their in-fighting.


oh, may God damn your soul for making me want this. Gimme! I really love it. $5.


the olympics are gonna suue youuu

I think this is outrageously offensive in the good way

I couldn't wear it because I go to Catholic University and I would get shot but I think it's pretty funny


id buy. id definately wear. often.
5 and a buy, kid- great job

Coldseptemberx3 -- wow. just wow. if you dont agree with it dont bother commenting. By yelling at someone you dont come off as smart or nice, and its not gonna make them go apologise to jesus or whatever.


Hilarious shirt, pisses off the jesus freaks, a plus. But its kinda sick. I still love it though. Hell I'd buy it! but its not gonna get printed cause of all the jesusites taking down your average. I'll give you a 5 to help though.


I can totally hear him going that!

Mrs. Owl

No. And on so many levels.

Crazy free spirit

good show, good show. appluades
hehe I like this shirt..I wouldn't wear it just cause people might shoot me, but it still pwns.


you are a brave, brave soul. im fivin' it for that coldseptember comment.


It's really funny but, like it's been said before... It's distasteful.


ohhh jesus.. i love this tshirt.. really think i might buy It.. 5$


IF you drew Jesus the same way as the little judges, it'd be way better.


Dear Jesus,

I was just wondering that since you are against the whole worshiping of gaven images thing, if it would be okay if i used a a man-invented representation of you (i'm sure it looks nothing like you anyway) in a comical way.

Hugs and kisses.


Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

It's funny except for the clip art Jesus


^^ Righty-o! Jesus was not a white boy.

Anyway, the shirt itself isn't bad, it's well done and everything, but, cringe! I just couldn't do it. I'm grading you a 4 on the execution,but due to the fact that it's poking a little fun at my religion, but no "I'd buy it" this time.

mezo profile pic Alumni

This design is amazingly glorious and made me pee in my pants a little.

Just nix the Olympics logo and you have comedy gold, frankincense, AND myrrh.

Brandon Petty

Don't like it at all. You should try to stay away from religion and politics as to not offend anyone.


JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

Offensively delicious. 5

Easy Jack

I say if you're gonna print a shirt that mocks the death of Christ I say at least print the one that deserves it.

Naturally I'm talking about a past submission where Christ is on the cross and he's like, "Damn, I left the stove on."

Now that was both offensively hilarious and well put together.

This shirt just looks terrible.


whether or not you people believe it, but Jesus died, and you're making fun of it? its lame and immature. 0.


The first comment of Easy Jack- I agree with. This is quite tasteless, and I'm agnostic.


You are going to hell, but this shirt is amazing.. I will see u there.

print them.


there is no absolute proof that jesus ever existed. there is also a book called Gilgamesh that exists hundreds of years before the bible that has similar stories which are in the bible, one of them being the great how do you know jesus died? it's all myth, but in religion, myth is truth.

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