Sunset over Bespin

just thought this would make a nice romantic image that's not TOO nerdy. been thinking about it for ages, hope you like the execution i ended up with.

Watch this

Somebody had a "Summer of '77" submission that was very similar to this, if somewhat more subtle.
I like your execution and your clean line, but don't get your hopes up that it'll be printed.


Looks great on the brown.


me likes! $5


Oh that's quite crazy we had such similar ideas, I feel like such a hack! (sob) oh well, I'd love to own either of them; fingers crossed...


I think this is just as good as Summer of '77! Consequently you also get a 5!


i love this. id wear it every other day.


i'd buy two one for me one for my bro. just plane SWEET!


Milennium Falcon, helllo. 2 points


I like the x-wing bettre, and there is the bit when Luke cruises into Cloud city to help them against yodas advice, remember.


I would agree. the x-wing is also much more recognizable


it's way nerdy...I love it!
Print it!


i'm still pissed at us hat we couldn't get summer of 77 a better score.... i would like one of these similar designs to become a tshirt i can buy. i like this one but i want the xwing to be done a bit better. great start - almost there!


"at us THAT" not "hat"

Angry W00d's man

Well, this design is much better done then summer of '77. nice job.

the_boxkite profile pic Alumni

i think this rocks. regardless of the other "sister" design. who gives a crap people! but i agree with Kirt ultimately. 4


Oh. My. I must have this shirt (admitting I'm a Star Wars nerd...). They better print this. Love the art, love the colors.


This is pretty much one of the coolest shirts, and that's probably because it's Star Wars, and star wars rocks! So i would buy this in a second!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, on my profile there is an image of the x-wing with new improved detail and linework, for those of you who noticed the admittedly rushed look of the one displayed above..


I love it! defo looks better on the brown

scarlett aurelle

nice colors. i don't quite care for the subject matter though.


the design is quite awesome. :)
but ...

there's a difference between this and the Dark Side of the Garden, in my opinion. Dark Side is clearly a parody and protectible as such. A consumer would NOT be confused and think it was an actual Star Wars product.

This one, it looks like it's something that the Star Wars licensee has created as a new spin on the line. See, for some examples of what licensees are doing to modernize.

here's an example from Pac Man:

but there are countless other examples if you walk into a mall here in the U.S.

there are a bunch of things you could do to make it more of a parody, and resubmit it, but as is, it seems like an actual Star Wars shirt. :(



i keep wondering if all these designs that look like something i've seen in a movie or vidya game or something similar are infringing on copyright laws.

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this is really really like eoin3's design, but still cool


Love the brown! I'd totally buy it. 5 and I'd buy.


This is funky, me likey.


Love the colors you used.


OOOOOHHH I want this sooooo bad. Please please please pretty please print this!


god free youth flying around in an x-wing fighter.

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