Think Again

  • by pixxxie
  • posted Dec 15, 2005

this is wonderful! i'd buy $5

Watch this

I love the message you've conveyed.

Good stuff.


Great message, well delivered. I want.


I understand having the bird go a different direction but I would like to have seen it going the same direction and let just the graphical diference draw the attention rather than changing flow...might make it more subtle...i like subtle almost always


Great, Great message. I would wear this.


any color but white

5 and $ anyway.


If you're the same person who submitted a different plane shirt somewhat like this not too long ago, then this is a big improvement over the idea you had before! Nice job.


... is that clipart?


More emphasis on the P38 Lightning please.

Also:War lol


I love the concept. It might be interesting to see it with all the same planes, so the attention goes straight to the Dove, which I agree show be flying in the same direction. The siloulettes need to be a bit smoother too. Good job overall.


I like the concept, as well as the different sillouhettes, sort of a 'Among all this war...' thing.

I hate the colours passionately though, I think they take away from the message and don't really work for it at all.


i'm diggin' it. If you could make it in brown, i'd buy it in a flash. White just looks yucky on me.

Still, $5 for the design.
Its simplistic, but it gets the point across.

Good job


Hmmm, nice. What's the religious message supposed to be though?

I get that it's Noah of the Arc's dove with the olive branch....then what?


What a dumbass, sorry I get it.

Nice use of contrast.

Really original.


i love it. i would wear it, i love what you are saying with it. i like the contrasting styles you used to draw the dove VS the planes.

ej ronin

custom shapes and a brush....wrapped in an anti-0war political statement. Save it for Capitol Hill.


i really really like this shirt, but i think the colors are alittle to passive for your statement. I mean a black shirt with red planes and a white dove, would have a greater impact i think.

But i still love this shirt and i would buy it

The Resident Cynic

$5, nice, though it might look better in something other than white, i would still buy this in a heartbeat though


i like this shirt alot.


$5 I would like something besides white though, and I agree the dove would look better if it were more with the flow instad of at such a contrasting angle.


I agree , I would like it better if the bird were in the same direction.


I really like it, I just need a different colour. Maybe more like a green, since it's the colour of both military and of peace. (Strange irony there.) I would definitely wear it then.

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