pig number 3

  • by ToucanSam
  • posted Dec 15, 2005

Very cute, but I think the thought bubble is not needed. It's clear that that's a brick house, and we all know the story.

Watch this

ya, the thought bubble doesnt have to be there, but i like it alot man

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is awesome I love teh toned down color and everyhitng else about it

Jai Deliete

I would prefer no thought bubble, as well.

Or you could try a spin on the thought bubble - have the wolf thinking about a baked ham, and the pig thinking about a boiled wolf...? I see you already put a fire in the fireplace. :)


I love, I like how retro it is.


I really really like it!

Same deal, no thought bubble .


is the thought bubble there to suggest that he is so hungry that he could eat a brick?... yea I think that it would be better off without it.


the thing that's particularly unfortunate about the thought bubble is that it disrupts the graphic so dramaticaly, both the flow visually and the c0lor scheme (all that white).

i like a lot, too.

Geoff G

Cute. The tought bubble ruins it thought... doesn't make any sense.

fantastic illustration though.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

the thought bubble does make sense, I mean who doesn't know about the 3 little pigs! or is that just ethnocentric of me.

very clean work, look forward to seeing more work by you and it'd be nice if you weren't sheltering your identity so that I could see if I've missed any other subs by you in the past.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I think the resolution for the thought bubble would be to lose the white color


i like the style, but yeah, ditch the thought bubble.


Amazingly cute! I like the bubble so keep it! :) Just make the white the creamy brown tan color.

PS. You've made my 5$ list for the week! Watch the forums... I'll be advertising! :) Keep up the great work!


awesome colors!!

Ava Adore

very nice clean illus


the wolf looks great but the rest could use work


it could do without the thought bubble


im giving you 5$ but I agree with 90% of the people,

No bubble... but BEAUTIFUL illus.


tired of shirts acting as comics

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