Poor Kiwi bird and his fruity bottom.

This was a doodle I did a couple years back that I've recently digitized for my first Threadless submission. Bruital critiques are welcome!

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I'm not sure how I feel about the feet, and someone will ask you to take the "igs" off, but it's a $5 for me.


pretty cool. Love that sexy lizard lady!


Haha, it's you! Love the kiwi too! :>


cute without the igs (yes, i will be the person who hates sigs)


Dude. Not only is this shirt awesome, but a shirt with your Iguana Girl would be sweet ^.^



but, i love the bird.
thus, a four.
yes, i am discriminating.


I'm not entirely positive on this one guys, but I'm pretty sure hte only part that is the shirt is the kiwi bird.. the rest is just a picture of lizzy wearing the shirt and a list of the colors the shirt is available in.

I could be wrong.. at any rate.. furs rock and lizzy rocks..

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

as a kiwi myself I'll have to give you a 5!


^agreed, but the illustration rocks.


They're both sweet, and I think I like the lizard girl too.


poor little kiwiw birdy :( does anyone else find this rather disturbing and a little gross?


AHHHHH!! The lizard-iguana thing is freaky in a bad way. EWEWEW.

Poor kiwi bird!


pixxxie, at 4:19pm on Dec 20, 2005
poor little kiwiw birdy :( does anyone else find this rather disturbing and a little gross?

I think its ADORABLE and would defiantly wear it :D

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

The furry made me puke a little in my mouth. Nice kiwi though.

Super Loaf

Awesome idea and illustration, take away the igs and it would be a five.

adam antium
adam antium profile pic Alumni

That's Nice!
I was thinkin' about something like that in the last days!...really!
I'm a New Zealand Story fan!

Easy Jack

Awww, beat me to it. Being a lover of both the kiwi fruit and the kiwi bird I was making a concept ALOT like this one (different art style naturally).

Either way nice work. Feet look a little weird and could use some work, but outside of that I like it.


P.S. For future reference may to ditch the "furry" lizard girl model from future submissions. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it hampers the way people view and score your submissions.


yeah definately not likin the lizard girl... but love the kiwi!! I want this!!!! so cute!


Uhm, what's with the furry lizard? Scary.


the lizard thing takes away from the presentation a lot. it makes me like it less. but yeah the kiwi is cool. really nice colors in the fruity part.


oh gosh so cute.. erm. not the lizard girl though. but love it anyway!

d3d profile pic Alumni

i like the actual shirt design but i hate the self promoting presentation.


what the fuck are you on


To the "furry" thing:

I'm not a furry, but I have a mascot who happens to also be a reptile. Besides, no one complains about Ninja Turtles or Care Bears. What's the difference?

and to d3d for self promotion:

That's what we're all doing. I was just having a little fun with it, is all. I'm not sure what's wrong with putting a studio name and mascot on there, I see other people make their ID into their submission.


OMJ! I love it! Totally looove.


...there was a submition with the same idea a little bit ago. this one is executed wwaayyy better though.


The shirt would be pretty decent but the furry made me give it a 0


thats kiwi and a freaking dinosaur. i don't care if its not on the shirt. $5


i wish the kiwi's dismembered butt weren't initialed...


i wish it didn't look like he was wearing high heels

She Says So

love this but the feet are a tad weird


HAHAHA I love it!


did lizard girl slice its butt? 4


$5 $5 $5


Holy cow Lizardbeth!! I know you from yerf a few years ago~

Anyway, this design is seriously awesome 8o)


Ew, I fucking hate furries.


So damn cute. $5


i really don't want to see people starting to sign their shirts and present them this way. as you've decide to mix the presentation and the shirt, i've decided to vote on the two of them together. and that's not a good vote.

constructive suggestion: lose the initials, lose the studio name, lose the lizard girl, and just show us the shirt.


Get rid of that fucking weird lizard shit.

(ps your profile says you are a "illustrator and character designer and semi-furry based out of Philadelphia, PA.")

lol furry.

also dont put your' logo in the actual submission, it pisses people off around here and you don't want that. Fear the masses. I've said too mu-

runs screaming


I'd totally buy this. $5. :]


I'm withholding scoring on this one. I certainly wouldn't score it lower because the lizard girl is distracting - I'm sorry, I care about what is on the SHIRT, that's all. I can ignore a cartoon lizard girl. But the self-promotion - that IS on the shirt, and so that I can't ignore. If you removed the initials/logo? 5, easy. With them? Not a chance.


have animal alter egos is weird.
scary. perverted even.
for that i am zero-ing that shirt.
otherwise it would have goteen a $5

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