Jheri Curl toupe: "The Rug That Drips"

michael jackson?

this is kinda grosss.

Watch this

This could be funny if the head were attached to a body.


the white foam head gives you the sense that it's a toupe...
attatched to a body it just looks like a big fat jheri curl hairdo.


man, I'm no artist but I dont get it, it's not funny, I think you can do better. This is not cool at all.


Sweet! thanks PsychedelicShroomTea!!!

Easy Jack

This would be an awesome concept if it were to be printed on toilet paper.

But on a t-shirt. No.



the design seems half-way to someplace interesting. it's one that i'd do a major redesign on and then resubmit someday. there needs to be some context to it beyond the toupee. maybe it's a classic roman scuplture? maybe it's someone we reocgnize? maybe it's at someone's bedside, or in their closet? maybe someone's oiling it?


lol I think its pretty funny.


reminds me of that prt in Coming to America when the guy comes in side from the rain with the sopping head of hair that looks just like that.


Also, it doesn't look enough like Jerry Curls. I know what they are supposed to be.

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