leprechauns pee rainbows

Looks like it was done in paint but I love the concept! Man that cracks me up.

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hahaha! The clouds expression is perfect!


CHARMing 4


hahahaa... great idea! $5

maybe work on the character a lil' bit more and also the colors




yo this shit is tight nigga. If i saw some one wearing this i'd shoot them just to steal the T.

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clowns vomit rainbows. ever seen The Morning After? it's virtually the same idea just much better drawn.


yeah, i still like it. imagine it in a scat film. ewww. i'm gross.


it sure beats those sickening
calvin pissing on chevy truck logo decals
i've seen on redneck trucks.


dude, I really hate this!


Reminds me of the shirt with the clown puking a rainbow.

neon dust

It's too similar to some other submissions/designs, only not as well executed. Colors aren't worked into the shirt well enough, and, I'm not even going to continue.


skittles could totally buy that... then you could really taste the rainbow


I kind of like how the cloud looks sad. 'cause it's getting whizzed on.
Thats funny.

Other then that, the face turns green on green shirts, so thats kind of funky.

Its a funny idea. Rainbows are hard to do well with a 4 color limit.


i looks like it was made on mircosoft paint.
any effort?
none that i'm seeing.


it does look like youve done this on paint.. then saved it to .jpeg ... no... just no


Oh my goodness, at first glance I thought he was kneeling and pooping the rainbow or something scary...


i agree with first comment....
paint paint paint.....

they call me dils

...who cares if its paint..... its hilarious........good stuff


it shouldn't matter what program was used to make it, its the concept and the idea, do u think someone walking down the street who sees this shirt would stop and say " Hey that was made on paint!" no they will say " Haha! That leprechaun is peeing a rainbow!Thats funny!"

ps I only truly regard the "constructive" criticism given to me by those who have actually submitted material. Thank you.


How about not using MSPaint next time? k, thx.


I don't like that the leprachauns not a solid color, that bothers me. Don't listen to the idiots who remark about what program you use, but at the same time proper criticism can come from anywhere. These are the people you're trying to sell your shirt to. It's not only the designers that buy.


This would be good if it were better executed. I say just redo the whole thing. Not a bad idea, though.

Richard Shone

geat concept... but try using green in the coat and yellow on the face

Crazy free spirit

I love this. Is there some kind of taboo about using paint? who cares? anyways, the only thing I would say would be to fill in the guy, and his clothes, becuase when its on the shirt, it kind of gets lost with just the lines.


This shirt reminds me of the stereotypical ugly chick with awesome personality. I'd date your shirt.


Did you do this in MS paint? lol, the lines look bitmappy. Otherwise, good concept. Good shirt. :D

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