Social Butterfly

They're beautiful. They're bewitching. They're enchanting. They're the Social Butterflies.

Watch this

They're watching me.


yay for purple shirts! so great.


gotta give this a 5! really cool design!


awesome design, and looks great on purple, too.


VERY good use of negative space. Aubrey Beardsley would be proud.

5 and i would buy.


this is my first piece here, just hoping for a respectable average score.

thanks for the comments people!


it's gorgeous but the text shouldnt be in the center of the shirt.


oh put it at the bottom of the shirt! would be so awesome. $5


Lovely design, not really my cup of tea, but there's no denying you've got some serious skills. Kind of reminds me of the style that David Bowie is down with, which is compliment.



the design is super cool, but don't like the symmetry of it, nor the writing underneath... MAYBE if the writing was in a different style (i THINK you were going for elegant, but i'd switch to a more playful font... probably handwritten). Although if you took all that out, it would seem that the design'd be lacking something, and i have no suggestions for that except then maybe play around with the placement on the shirt (maybe lower corners would work?)
Anyway, it's beautiful, so good luck!


same with me.. move the writing but besides that.. its awesome :-)

vodka fosterkids

i like this, even though i have never worn a purple shirt in my life, since my mother stopped picking out my clothes for me.

but i would still wear it, purple or not.
print this!


I like it! I like purple shirt. $5


Great design. I'd like it even better somewhere other than center, and I'm not a huge fan of the text.


I like the center, probably leave it unless you can justify moving it for some reason other than to move it. Also, I love each butterfly, the use of negative space is excellent. However, the symmetry seems to take away a bit from the the level of detail, because the viewer will tend to focus on the large, symmetrical shapes


it would definatly be better at the bottom, maybe in the right corner? but i really love the design itself!!

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