Red Cross

Needles - soon to be the new panda bear/heart/fads that come to mind.

Watch this

I like it though I couldn't wear it because I go to school and not only that but I don't do drugs. But I do like the design.

another submission is like this.

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I don't even know if there any submission like this. But I don't care. Theres like tons animals tee here, bush/politic shirt. Why? the world is so small. But we can see which is just copying or not copying.
And you're definitely not. Nice work.

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Oh I thought this is your only injection design shirt. But seems you have more.


I don't get the idea behind the image...


i like it a lot, i'd buy it

i'm terrified of needles though.


a bit lazy to use the same image over and over again, don't you think...


you fools lack vision!
like a great love ballad, this is something that can be reiterated time and again, each time similar but consistently varied and innovative.
the needle injecting the cross is a bold statement, and one that can be made again and again, each one more poignant than the last.
i, for one, welcome these needles and the countless colours and angles with which they are being displayed. perhaps not all or few or even none of these designs will be selected for printing, but i assure you we'll see them surface someone in our culture very soon, embraced and revered as they should be. we're standing on the cusp of a revolution here, people. the wave is about to break, and i can't wait to see all you bastards washed out to sea.


You cant vector out 1 picture and use it in every shirt you have... (Including the butterfly)

Kids with pirated software = bad design


i don't understand why you continue using the same design. are you trying to saturate the subs market with crappy things? i've looked at all your stuff and i don't like any of it. i'm sorry, but that's just the way it is.

almost emo



Enough with the syringes already.


i work for them


this guy has an obsessionwith these needles...


Don't listen to them. Just keep on submitting needles until one's printed. I'd love a needle shirt. No, I'm not a druggie. I'm an EMT student.

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