very nicely done, simple, yet effective

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Jonny Freedom

Good concept, i like the placement too! Not so keen on the colour of the guy (on the actual t), maybe black would be more striking. Kinda looks more like conducter to me but overall it gets a 4


nice illus.
bad placement.

sam says rawrrrr

maybe make the tip of the wand white? that might make him more obvious as a magician.


^ yeah, I'm with sam on this -- I saw a conductor first off.


I like it, but the man looks quite bald. I'd be happier if he had a headfull of sexy hair.


maybe you should give him a top hat and like sam said white on the wand and then he will look like a magician
now he looks like a butler


I like the placement and the color, but on the large image - the shirt colors are too bland. Stick with the yellow and black, it is awesome~

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