milwaukee weather

revolution!!!!!!!!!! this is what i want to wear on my chest. how 'bout you?

Watch this

This makes me extremely happy and full of love. You get a 5 and also a $, with gusto.

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god hates techno gets drunk!

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by that i mean i like it- i want more one color designs!


i'm actually from milwaukee and i still don't get it...

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nice work, I like the background green/natural

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I'm glad you decided to submit this one... great job.

slender fungus

the title is milwaukee weather because they are clouds (weather) and they are drunk on cheap beer (like milwaukee's best!)


It's difficult to see the design in the picture. You should have made the design more prominent and then the shirt with the design on it smaller, so people could see more of your design instead of just the fuzzy small version on the t-shirts. I'm giving it a 5$, because I really want one, but Threadless sucks and they won't print it. Keep submitting it anyway, and next time, just put one t-shirt in your picture and throw the color choices over to the side of the page so people can actually see the enlarged picture.


i can totally tell what is on the shirt. i also really really really really really really want on. 5$!


I like just needs more colours.

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blowing chunks equals a lighting bolt, awesome

ahhh time for a story. when I was a kid I would tell my little sister that the rain was when all the angels had to pee, she was mortally afraid of the rain for quite some time after that.


this is amazing. excellent work. 5$ fo sho.


Wow-that is so
I'd wear it!

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you know what

Im gonna admit, I gave this a 0 at first, cause I give 0's to most shirts I wouldnt wear, but now that Ive com back to it a second time, I really like this shirt. So much infact....



looks interesting but it's hard to see the design.

slender fungus

if you look in my profile, there is a blog with a larger view of the illustration.


We are MSPAINT friends.
I am ninja__attack.


12monkeys that a hand coming out of the cloud's ass?

agreed about including a larger version of the image in the submission.


god, this is the first good design i've seen all day.


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