Hot Air Balloons Ruin Kids Soccer Games

  • by derno
  • posted Dec 04, 2005

Well you know that whenever theres a hot air balloon or a plane that shows over a kids soccer game and the game stops so the kids can look at the balloon, ahah for a bigger view

Watch this

Reminds me of whenever the people are mowing the grass outside of class windows and everyone looks even thoguh they know what it is.


haha i love it... but i'd put the balloon slightly to right side of the shirt

Al Dog

nice style


It's soooo true. They also ruin gym class, and softball


Are the children all wearing mittens?


no, it's just badly drawn


I'd buy it if the ballon was smaller and to the right.. very cool, maybe even have one kid (on the back of the shirt) running to join the other kids


the balloon's pattern looks weird to me


lol thats true. Whenever a plane or baloon or something goes by it still distracts me. sad. lol 5$


the soccer kinda looks like it was added in as an afterthought. it just doesn't mesh for some reason. maybe because the kids are sold and it isn't.


I love it. The balloon is kind of big but it's funny and true.


i like it.


After reading the title, it's funny, but I wouldn't get what was going on otherwise.


awesome. i agree with moving the baloon, and i think you should make the ball's styling match that of the kids.


Reminds me of when I was in soccer. My dad says we were the "flower pickers"


there is something really great in this shirt. I dont know what it is, but it rocks!!!


this is such a sweet shirt i want one!

vodka fosterkids

hahaha, this made me laugh

i love the colors and everything,
but i agree with above people.
Move the balloon a little more to the left of the shirt,
and fix the kids fingers!

If done, idtotallypurchaseandwear.


I think the soccer ball looks odd because it's just a little bit too big. I like the balloon where it is, but I think it needs to look more like it's moving downwards, and not just suspended in mid-air. Other than that, I like it a lot, and the mitten-hands don't bother me :)

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