Nerds Unite!

  • by Rockslide
  • posted Dec 02, 2005

Nerds Unite! I had this idea about two weeks ago and just had to commit it to paper. I thought it would be a really fun shirt that only a company like threadless would print.

In this classic nerds ensemble you will get such hits as:

-Band Nerd

-Orchestra Nerd

-Math Nerd

-Sci-Fi Nerd

-Caught in the Renaissance Girl Nerd

-My belt buckle is too big Nerd

-I still wear my member's only jacket Nerd

And many more classic nerds that you will love and cherish for years to come.

For a bigger pic <a href="">Click Here<a/>

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tesko profile pic Alumni

I wouldnt wear this but... omg, winner!

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

when I typed that first comment I forgot you couldn't put html into the posts, so if you click on my name, my profile page has the pic in the blog there, thanks guys! and this was my revolution sub. fun in a bucket.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is AWESOME i love how teh guys on teh bottom are grimacing

grayehound profile pic Alumni

WAIT! Look! I'm there on the right! Coooooooooool! But where are my Draon Dice?

Great idea, and nice execution.


holly shit!!!!
you deserves a 5

.moto. profile pic Alumni

very nice illustration.


I'm afraid that I'm with Tesko, but it is so totally awesome

travis76 profile pic Alumni

excellent illustration. the fact that all that is within the color limit.
i seriously need to get back to drawing more.


i think the drawing is wicked but just hate the football guy seems too movie esque bully type guy too american for me but love the nerd big person maybe you just sub the peopleman 3 because i'm sure the american public will love it and i appreciate the artwork 3

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

holy crap..awesome drawing!


very cool

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

that is.... AWESOME!


revenge of the nerds 5$


I like how the "nerd"'s head is the drum major

mikemills profile pic Alumni

SON of a...
You just blew my mind. $5$


Awesome and $5, but I would like to see a few more nerds in glasses, especially the girls.


what an achievement!

seems like it would be hard to wear this shirt if you weren't in high school (or a particularly unfortunate college). the nerds i work with already rule skool, as it were. and they are of a different kind than the ones here. but i would have to imagine that someone in high school or college would love wearing this. and it's both technically excellent & fabulously detailed.


wicked i would just remove the jock tho i feel it ruins the illustration and stereotypes the stereotypes.


HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Awesome. Me gusta.
I'll wear this on my comic book road trip this summer with my +1 hat and my -1str/+1cha t-shirt. (although not at the same time as the t-shirt.)
Definately 5$. (I'd prefer it a little more central, incidentally...)


sweet! placement?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Very well done, great illo & concept, love the characters. This took some effort and was well worth it. I could imagine a whole story about this.


Brilliant idea brilliantly executed. Placement is perfect. Not so keen on the drawing of the "jock" (or whatever you Americans say) but $5 anyway...

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Hey you guys rock! I always get so much support from this site, it just makes me want to try harder next time to make something even better. I get an adrenaline rush from posting and seeing all the reactions, its great. Thanks for all these comments, to steve I would just have to say, can you not watch movies about high school once you leave high school? Can you not read a book about childhood after you leave it? Why couldn't you wear a shirt with nerds on it after you leave high school? I think anyone could wear it, its just supposed to be a humorous look at current social dynamics and how the nerds have caused a revolution to become the new "cool." They are the ones in charge of the world.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

31 comments in, what, an hour? Can I be the first to guess that this'll be available middle of February?

Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha, nerds....that is great
HEY!! i think i see my self up there...
awesome drawing


Ahh this is too cool.$5 The only thing that bothers me is the four fingered jock. I know this is normal for cartoons but his hands look kind of alien-ish in this case.It's still an awesome design though!


Good job Rocky. Looks awesome. +5

Jonny Freedom

woah...nice illustration!
puts me to shame covering face, i would deffinitely buy this even though im not a huge fan of the colour...
$5, not really sure how you could improve this!



Also, I found my new desktop background

Geoff G

Ahaha. awesome. $5. I'm the orchestra nerd!!


Dude this is frickin amazing


faucking awesome!


totally my boyfriend wearing the burger shirt. hahaa.
I love this!


haha SWEET shirt man . love the artwork and creativity.

Whole Grains

Wow. I will buy three of these when it's printed.


Oh man. Coolest shirt ever. <3333

Print it, and i'm going to buy 3. It's that wicked.



Really nice shirt rockslide. Love everything about it. $5 all the way


That's so SWEET! That jock reminds me of a boy from my high school! $5 all the way! ;)


Its like transformers


Leave the hands, dont listen to Evilpinkie. Everyone in there has 4 fingers so the jock should too. I could just sit and stare at it for hours. the placement is great the colors are great and the style is great. so you get a great 5$


better color but great

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