all we need is love

  • by Motek
  • posted Dec 02, 2005

we and the flowers are the same thing.we need love

Watch this
Flying Apple

I love this - it's really cute!


You know, I was ready to hate this, but I just can't. In fact, I love it. Including the placement. I think some of the lines could stand to be thinner, but my only real suggestion is to change the seeds so they don't look like out-of-place raindrops.

It's lovely and cheerful, and I hope it gets printed.


ht econcept is luvly * but the shadows on the icons won't work. use only border or only shadows more detailed i suggest. good luck 4*


the art is wonderful, the placement however, is not, center it and i would buy.


I think centered would look really nice over the chest. Or... even putting the reactants on the front and the products on back. ...I've been studying chemistry too much.... I like it like this, too, though...


I really like the concept, hope it will be printed!!!
Cute idea, also "clean", minimal, sun and love like life and life goal
Colors... also black or white will OK!!!!!!!!
Good luck 5€!!


the oarnge and black sceme looks better than the colours on the shirts.
otherwise, i love it!


Lovely, but consider rearranging the icons, other wise the watering can and pot look too angular compared to round fullness of the sun, heart and flowers.

I hope the design will appear on the black shirt, because it's the best colour scheme by far.


It would look better if the design was a bit more centered


it would look better if it didn't suck, too.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

Man, what's with the brand new people leaving ignorant comments and having REALLY low avg. scores? Hm, kristinj?

My only issue with this is that it's a narrative, and the beginning of the narrative implies seeds going into a flowerpot and the flowers at the end are pot-less.


i just submitted something with the exact same concept. different illustration


I like how it's on the bottom side of the shirt. $5


I like it a lot, really cute - I just think it would be better to try different color schemes. I agree that the large version of the design in orange and white on black looks best.
I think the design would look awesome though on a green shirt, perhaps in white or yellow. Keep up the good work! : )


i like it. but maybe , yes, an orange on black would be sweet

and maybe acrost the chest?


How was this person's design able to come up on Dec 02 2005 when he/she has been a member of Threadless since Dec 02 2005 ? I thought there was a 6-10 day wait period for designs to get approved?

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if all you need is love, why does the equasion include seeds, water and sun?


I don't like it maybe if the pictures were onb the chest of the shirt it would look good


i do really like this, but I don't get how this is a part of the sxsw competetion - I don't understand the connection; i'm from austin and have been to sxsw interactive for years... is it that the design is ecological and thus the opposite of techno? I do think that it is happy and cute though!


I like the placement. I agree that some of the lines ought to be thinner and the seeds do look like drops.

Sauza Gold

i like this a lot.
i'm more partial to the red and the black
along with the black and orange.


i think it looks too much like clip art, but doesn't reach "kitch" status. i'd like it better if you re-stylized it.


I'm not a big fan of this; kind of clip-arty.

That said, who else CAN'T STAND Kristinj? That girl leaves annoying, harsh, unsubstantiated comments all over the place (and she's a new member). She has no submissions, no pic, nothing; just a big mouth. Can you tell I'm annoyed?

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