Widow's Window

  • by Tspoon
  • posted Dec 01, 2005

I hope you like this....

Tell me how to improve it if you dont.


Watch this

I love it so much.

It makes me think of myself and being all alone....

So yah i love it.



Very simple and beautiful..

Al Dog

not enough going on, a little boring but good style


I agree that simplicity is good, but I think that there needs to be a little something more to this shirt, I couldn't tell you what, maybe a few things lying onthe ground?


I think that I remember what this reminds me of. I think that it was an episode of Coyboy Bebop and they were in an old abandoned church or something. I really love the feeling of being alone in the dark (emo!!) and so I really do like the concept but see above.


Having it over the heart is a nice touch..


i think its good,
but when i see it i just think of tween depressed girls


kinda reminds me of the atmosphere of the 90's Batman's cartoon...


that means that i like it


interesting image, but i just don't think it works on a tshirt...too hollow.. cheers.


i like this...very sad, but i would wear. $5


The lines for the window are too sharp and simple, don't really like it.


It reminds me of, well ... Widow In The Window, a song by Great Big Sea. Really simple, but I like it for that.


Agreeing with nameless kid all the way.

To some, it would seem a good concept for an image, but it doesnt really work as a t shirt.

no one impotant

its kinda neet but it seems slightly emo-ish to me

pitbull love

i think the reflection is bad. it doesn't make sense whatsoever. i've tried looking at it from different viewpoints (facing her, behind her), and it just doesn't work. but overall it's okay, i suppose.


for above
der der, its a shadow, thats why

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