Celled Out

  • by whirzle1
  • posted Dec 01, 2005

I like clean lines. I like everyday objects as art. This is a tshirt with an everyday object illustrated in clean lines.

Watch this

Wonderful. I love the green on dark grey.



Yeah, the green on dark greey rocks my socks. I love this shirt. $5


i like it on the white better, but it works on the dark grey too.


i just spotted the nuse... this is really neat


cool, think this one is my favorite


i like how simple it is too but but but
i think you could make it really cool if you did the cord as an actual rope
by making it brown and sort of braided-like
you know?
this is a clever title though

at it destruction

love it, you should try to incorporate a more obvious noose though, good clean lines...i give it a 4


dude this is awesome. i even have that same phone and charger. i hate that fuckin thing. 5


i'll honestly say i don't really like cell phones on shirts, it's a personal preference, but i do love the lime green art.


i love the colors, and hate the picture.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

^^sorry. what pictures do you like?

It's a cell phone. I don't really like cell phones. I think they're REALLY obtrusive on people, but I don't feel comfortable anymore without it. That being said, this shirt isn't really about that. I just kinda felt like drawing a my cell phone...when I got to the wire/cord part, I thought - hmm...it might be interesting to emphasize the wire on something that is thought of as being wire-less. So that's what I did.

There's nothing clever about it. Nothing neat or funny. Just a picture of an everyday object that has some nice lines.

woohoo nice lines.


cellphones don't kill people, people on cellphones kill people.


I love it that a lot of people seem to have missed something in this composition.

Subtle, clever.

And not on black. Make it a dark grey instead of black, and I'm all over it.


whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

^^good news for you, it IS on dark gray.

It does look black, though.


I dont see the point in the design. We all known what a cell phone looks like. However, I think it is nicely done... maybe the same colours, but a different object?


assuming you used the pen tool ... i think you've mastered it ... as dorky as that sounds. good work.


samsung samsung samsung

I like it, but
I wouldn't wear it.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

actually LG.


i swear i have that phone.
Took a few times to see it.
I like it though

^ LG? god damn i do have that phone


I'm sorry to rain on this parade but I have seen something similar to this. Its a good concept and I like the artwork. I'm not calling it a rip off or anything its just that I've seen it before. It was made by a Graphic Artist who goes by the name of Rob Dobi. He's an Idol of mine and he designed a track jacket that looks like this


i used to have that phone...it had the blinky light in the mirror, i like the green


i love the colors. i would buy this shirt. i like more of the simpler designs.

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