the mystery of mission 5

  • by travis76
  • posted Dec 01, 2005

lots of inspirations come to mind-

'Major Tom' by Bowie is definately one of them.

-in fact, if it wasn't so long, I'd have titled this 'Tell my wife I love her very much- SHE KNOWS!'--- or if it weren't for legalities, even simply ''can you hear me major Tom?' any line from the song would work.

but this isn't Bowie's story.

i don't know if the spaceman stared too closely at the sun, if he saw the face of God, if space radiation melted his brain, if he was shot by an alien beam...who knows, but something went terribly wrong.

make your own story.

the '5' is just a handbrushed, scanned and halftoned element that sort of follows the contorted figure and mirrors the vapor trail. Whatever shirt color is printed, it should be just a few steps darker than the shirt.

I figure it is also a testiment to this astronaut's mission number.

I will readily admit that for the most part, the space man is clip art from my personal collection of outdated copyright free material. It has been changed several ways: color, added highlights, position, and facial alteration.

The 5 is all my inkwork.

the vapor is all my inkwork.

the face, highlights, colorscheme and overall composition are all my doing.

I could have easily drawn my own spaceman, but I just loved the style of the era this was drawn in, and the death of that era is what i am mourning in this design.

I prefer central chest shirt designs, but this also works in lower left or right positions as well.

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label profile pic Alumni

Holy Crap ....
This is so freeeeeeeeking awesome trav!



Viva la revolucion!


Yet another great illustration. Another 5 from me. Great rev. subs travis.

tesko profile pic Alumni

schweet... in pursuit of the elusve 5. We can all relate to this!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

so whatcha trying to tell us? 5? what? ok..this rocks!


nice detail on his suit! sweet

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I think you planned this whole Revolutions thing to build up anticipation for all these wicked subs you had up your sleeve... and we fell for it! $5 damn you!

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

I'll definetly be buying this when it get's printed.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

(gets) my brain feels like that astronaut today.

slender fungus

awesome! my score matches your shirt! tee hee.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah ..not fair being that good consistently travis .. bad form


This is pretty amazing!

travis76 profile pic Alumni

man, these were all last minute, like done within mere days of dec 1st...thanks!

Geoff G



fastjumper profile pic Alumni

wow thats simply great fave of your revo' subs


I actually thought of Bowie before I read your comment.



Yeah, you knew this would strike a chord with me, got to buy this one!

franx profile pic Alumni

very nice!

injosh profile pic Alumni

I think it could be cool in the upper right corner, about 6x4, like a sports shirt.
Maybe on a light baby blue, a little lighter than the spaceman.
Good Work!

southworth profile pic Alumni

injosh, I will fight you gay assclown. Baby blue is for the gays. Dark blue or nothing, douchecake!

injosh profile pic Alumni

um... ok.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

yeah dark blue. because the pont is that everything gets progressively lighter up to the point of the plasma burst...if it was on a light blue tee, i think the vapor trail would lose effect.
i don't know what i was thinking w/brown, other than complemetary....denim is probably better. and i'm open to placement.
i'm thinkng lower left or right would work here too.

southworth profile pic Alumni

See? Nyah. Also, way to make me look like a belligerent assknuckle, Josh.

Ink Boy

lost in space. Thats always good. 5

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Man, all these awesome rev shirts just put the other crap to shame. I hope all these make people think twice before submitting something. This shirt is awesome, flat out awesome. I don't know what else to say.


It's called "Space Oddity" :)

but I love this

travis76 profile pic Alumni

yeah, i know, i just always end up calling songs by the's a bad habit.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

nicely done travis, I dont really like dark shirts, but I would have to make an exception, this is twisted, and I totally dig it

injosh profile pic Alumni

You could make a trail of spiders flowing out with the plasma burst and call it
"Spiders From Mars"


Having recently scored a couple of your submissions, I must say I like how the designs are modeled by cool little cartoon people.

And I like astronauts.


Why do artists put those stupid drawings of people wearing their junk? This is cool. But it's not cool with that.


To display how it would look on a T-shirt.
Southworth + injosh = Massive Belly Laugh. My day is made.

This thing gets a 5. Goodness gracious, travis.


bad ass travis.
I needs me this shirt


i also like the cartoon people....but I secretly wanna be a cartoon...whoops guess the secret is out.
I really dig your art by the way, my kinda style,
the style of awesome

Robsoul profile pic Alumni



Robsoul profile pic Alumni

excellent technique, good to see you submitting again.

d3d profile pic Alumni

yep, i'd wear it. i love the smoke or whatever that is coming from, or going to the visor. i don't really understand but that's the nature of mysteries.

GeLO profile pic Alumni


Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I agree with Robsoul Trav, nice to see your work up again. I like this the most of you revo subs man. A 5 and buy from me.

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