order in chaos

  • by travis76
  • posted Dec 01, 2005

it is what it is. simple. maybe too simple?

kinda suggesting that even something as chaotic as anarchy has a pattern, needs a plan, or requires forethought to pull of seemingly random acts....and that everything, even chaos, has geometry and order to it.

other title ideas were:

-architects of anarchy

-organized chaos

-anarchitect (still like it)

-plan 'A'

Watch this
travis76 profile pic Alumni

i'm thinking now that lower left or right also would look pretty good.

scoutti profile pic Alumni

this gets me thinking.
me like.


this is brill.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

circle a(anarchy) = pi.


the eagle on your cartoon model's shirt is the nazi eagle, dude. the nazis were the least anarchy-inclined people EVER.


Yes! Thats what I'm talking about!

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

yes..cause what I really want to see is a bunch of indie kids wearing anarchy t shirts....... *shudder


that's the only anarchy tshirt i'd ever wear.

individualist anarchism kicks syndicalist anarchism's ass.


terrific concept


man, i don't even care if the math doesn't make sense, this concept is very beautiful and it's sticking with me.


Love this design passionately - less enthused about the shirt color. I think I'd prefer it on charcoal or olive/army green.




the (1/3)d and (2/3)r arent clear enough in what they label, i know what you mean though. its an okay design.


Just dont think I would wear an anarchy symbol on my shirt. Also, what exactl are you trying to point out by saying "Order in Chaos." A bunch of angles and a pie sign doesn't make order to me. week concept.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

from the edge to the first branch of the A is exactly one third the full diameter.
from the edge to the first arm of the A is 2/3's the radius.

maybe i should've put even more geometry on it, but i didn't want to cltter it so much you could no longer see the A


I love it.

Don't really care about the anarchy bit, but the fact that you put geometry into it makes you my hero. :) What a juxtaposition!

Not only would I buy this shirt, I would buy one for my best friend and my little brother. (Okay, especially my little brother.)

Travis, you rock. And this design totally made my day. Thank you!


that (A)=pi is realllly bugging me
it's either a statement about trig, or wrong
pi is half a circle (in radians)


Wow, what a great design. Usually I´d never wear an "Anarchy"-shirt but I´d totally wear this one. 5+$

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i'll admit- the A= pi was tagged on to give 'more geometry' to the feeling, and i have nothing against dropping it from the final design if the votes sway that way.


Beautiful idea. <3 I would wear it. $5

mezo profile pic Alumni

You're SO punk rawk.
This is a good concept. And it's execution is very much unlike your typical subs (bravo!).

I'm giving it a 5....but I don't think I could wear an anarchy t-shirt at the age I am. SIGH.


5$ without A = pi, Just because we at math league would wonder...


urgg. don't exactly wanna wear math-related stuff on a tee..


Wow, dude, you have skills. Another 5 from me.


I love this. Very clever and different.


an anarchaic tee shirt . . . this wouldve sat well with me when i was in middle school, carving that encircled A onto park benches along with metallica logos and trying to feed alka seltzer to birds.

you show such a broad, strong range of illustrative tallent with your subs that there is no doubt in my mind that you are an accomplished artist, apparent to the point that its dissapointing to see you turning out these two, most recent, 'angst' subs.

there is a lot you can say to us with talent as strong as yours and im anxious to see you take on that challenge in the coming months.

its a 4 because the design is so clean, but yeah . . . as a math student the a=pi irks me as well as the misspelling of valuable on your other sub.


I like it, although I'd prefer a smaller print off set to the bottom left or right.


I really like this one, I'd definitely get it. I think it's best centered on the chest, I don't much care for the t-shirts with designs in the lower corners.




See this is cool, just because most people I see with Anarchy signs on their person are drugged up teenage slackers.


I wouldn't wear it but I'll give it a 4 none the less.


Like everyone else is saying, I wouldn't be that into wearing an Anarchy symbol on my shirt, but I really love the design.

Nice job, Travis.


It reminds me of, well, practically the entire theme behind "SLC Punk!"


$5, but make sure everything is there for a reason i.e. no A= pi unless it makes sense


Man, I love me some sweet tasty Pi. I'd love to get my hands on this as a print/shirt some day.

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