Scribbling is fine art

  • by gameyy
  • posted Nov 30, 2005

One for the revolution.

Watch this

Usually I dont like the squiggle outburst look, but since the head kinda matches the background everything seems to fit real well. The one thing I would change would be the bold white squiggle lines around the "outside" of the design. I'm having a hard time focusing on what matters when there's bold white lines jumping out at me. 5$ without the white...3 for now.

le hotel

i would like it best if it were gray, or white tshirt, or a black one...
i don't like random odd colors.
or natural.
something like that.
i love the idea though!


i like it. I like the other color combinations too. My favorite is probably.. the white one with the green brown and pink in it.. i think. $5 though. its awesome

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i like the scribbly effect

staffell profile pic Alumni

is that Travis?

gameyy profile pic Alumni

Nah, just a made up face.


Gray looks really cool.
As long as it's that silver gray and not heather gray.


the style is really cool but thats it


i love the style and the gray

gameyy profile pic Alumni

Ah.... grey? I don't have a grey option. Maybe sagestone...?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Really graceful work...and I typically hate scribbles.


i love scribble art! this looks really nice :)


wow, this is really good. My art is mostly scribble and heavey lines, so I can appreciate it when someone does a good job.

I'd probably buy this.


what is this revolution everyones talking about?


nevermind.. i get it now :D

Al Dog

this is a very cool design, i think it would look great on a shirt


I like your technique, but the overall shape of the image bothers me. I think maybe different placement might help it out. It seems crowded in the corner there... needs space to breathe.


I LOVE this. $5 forevers!


looks like it should be from the 80's
Throw a Miami Vice logo on there and your set

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