• by danrule
  • posted Nov 29, 2005

Utility pole is a very useful and frequent part of the landscape.

Comments/criticisms appreciated.

Watch this
grayehound profile pic Alumni

Another nice illustration. not sure if they can print that close to the edge and neckline, but it'd look wrong if the lines ended anywhere else.


i found everything in that yellowish orange color to be a bit distracting,

maybe just black&white?


The lines, the illustration of the telephone pole, very nice, but what happened when you got to the birds? There is little to no detail in them, I’d like to see either detail or removal, or if you wanted to be lazy just make them better silhouettes.


i like how the birds are just yellow silhouettes because it makes them stand out from the tree and the pole


My friend has a shirt exactly like that, just different colors. I even told him it looked like something from Threadless.

Its nice though,3.

danrule profile pic Alumni

Oh snap, it's up already? That's like a 10 hr waiting period...
Anyway, had the drawing for something else, didn't work out, so I tweaked it to might fit the comp.
Birds and plane are undetailed/dif color to get em to pop and relate together separate from pole/tree.
Grass is there because it looked hell-a stupid just floating.
yeah grayehound, if they can't print to edges, I'm not sure what could be done.


I like it. Could do without the plane though. 4


The compositon and detail do a great job
focusing our attention on the utillity pole.
Yellow is good at grabbing attention
which ends up making the grass, birds,
and plane compete with the pole. My
suggestion is to substitute a cool color
with the yellow ( a warm color ). Light
blue would do the trick with the plane
and birds. I'm not a fan of the grass.
I thought it was text at first glance.
Maybe a contoured brown line of varying
thickness to represent the ground.

I really like how your design expresses
how man can dominate nature ( wires
and plenty of attachments ) for his
benefit without destroying it ( the tree
is still alive since its roots are alive
and kicking ).

Great design, danrule !


By the way, I like the design's
placement and how the locations
of the ends of the wires are not
floating in the air. They made
it to the edge of the viewable area
on the front.


Well, I'm new here, but this is definitely my favorite design yet. I would buy one right now if I could.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i like this heaps. great drawing. hope it prints ok if it comes to that.


I love the ambiguity of the birds, but why yellow?
Change the colours, I beg of you and I will buyyy.


I really like this


Ahh..fantastic! 5$


thats an excellent illustration. 4/5!


Awesome design. It makes me think of "Serial Experiments: Lain," and that's awesome too.


yes your color corrections are much better, I agree with helo completely. I still think the ground line is slightly problematic, it does look like it might be text. But i really do LOVE this shirt, its deliciously unexpected.


kool 4$
but it 's too late to rate....:(


it's awesome


i like this design,good thinking.

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