Reach for the Sky

  • by theperk
  • posted Nov 29, 2005
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only thing missing is a Wolf


i think its awesome! but something isnt quite right with his feet, i think they should be more loose, hanging down more, instead of would make it look more like he was just lifted off that lower cloud...i dont know if thats helpful, or if you know what im trying to say. i guess simply put, just loosen up the lower legs and ankles abit.
really cool though, i love the colors too!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

i really like it, my only crit would be that the clouds are a bit chunky...they could stand to be a bit fluffier... great concept, and solid design

Why Not?

i would like it better without the cloud residue clinging to his feet....


I love the colors in this as well as the design. Nice work

Definately 5$

The Ted

i too love this


ooooooooh man. i want this one now! i love it, i love.... i love it!!!!!


i love peter pan, and your shirt design... A LOT


i love heathermarie, peter pan, and this shirt...

I want to buy it now.


really awesome! the cloud residue stuck to his feet looks like he's gliding on some kind of invisible device.


Love it. Sometimes I wish this would happen to that kid in the Dreamworks logo!


i love it except for the words printed top right. everything else is absolutely great.

theperk profile pic Alumni

the words are not on the shirt


i love how the moon looks so radiant:)


great design.


I agree with ionrave and Luke, the feet need to be angled down more and the clouds a bit fluffier, but otherwise excellent shirt!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

i thought i left my comment already..but i guess i didnt

this design has really come along from the original! nice job!!


i like how this looks on the shirt. 4+


I really like this design. $5, would buy.

neon dust

hey this is really nice


i really like it. its be fun if the moon was glow in the dark (on the shirt)


I am really into this. I want it, for sure.


Wow, just... wow. $5 I believe this is the first one I'd vote to buy since I joined. Between the colors, the clean style, the texture of the moon and clouds, the concept, and even the detail of the clouds drifting off the kid's feet, I don't know who wouldn't give this a 4 or a 5.


wow, it really stands out and you can see the outline of the man perfectly. i've seen some like this where you're like "what the hell?" but this is awsome


I thought I commented already, but I guess I didn't.

I love this design. I love the colors. I love the simplicity, and how everything looks so natural with the colors you chose, and the pale shading on the moon. I love the way the boy is falling/floating/being pulled away. I love the use of negative space with the boy. I love how the clouds are clinging to his feet. I love how the title reminds me of one of my favorite songs.

So, yes. I'm almost ridiculously fond of this. Wonderful job.

Best of luck (but I don't think you'll need it).


this reminds me of the dreamworks logo

karls jr

wow....this is toally awesome... $5 no doubt


Oh, beautiful. I want this.


I really hope they print this! crosses fingers


Eff, I wish I could have voted on this! It's absolutely amazing.

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