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  • by withayou
  • posted Nov 29, 2005

So a few months back after the company I work for lost a major account our boss gave us a pep-talk of sorts. He came up with this analogy and explained that all of this was kind of like being on a crashing airplane, but it wasn't all bad because we had a good amount of time to figure out ways to escape (or not escape and try to ride it out).


I thought about this analogy and determined it was pretty damn morbid and quite depressing.

Not a good pep-talk...But maybe it would be a good T-shirt.

Watch this

who'd have thunk that this would be a good tshirt design?

Z 4 C [-]

awww thats sad = (


No wonder the company was going down the tubes with 'motivation' like that. Love the design. It could stand being a tiny bit bigger with the plane slightly more central. Great piece.

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

the only way to make this composition worst is to silhouette the twin towers in the background. Then every warm blooded american would hunt you down! I think that would make this work better on a shirt. Sry for being negative. On the plus side you thumbnail makes it look better.


yeah when i saw this i thought that whatever surviving family of anyone haveing anything to do with a plane crash or 9-11 would be really offended by that.

but all in all i think it's brilliant.

i think it should be bigger on the shirt though.


There are very few American citizens that would wear a shirt with a crashing plane. I'm sorry, but this is very insulting to anyone involved with recent events...even if that wasn't the intention.


oh wow, hey dude's blowing his head off:
that might be offensive to people who've had a friend or relative commit suicide.

oh crap:
maybe that offended someone who had a loved one die in a car crash.

and what about this one? lots of stabbings happen every day:

are you listening threadless? please only select and print images of puppies and kittens and unicorns going forth. thx.


thats quality!


seems like you just traced the plane and created the flames yourself without reference. soo i guess more detail in the flames and smoke. nice desing other than that. has a shirt that is somewhat in the same theme. neato and good luck.

Squashy Dog Mess

hahaha dex_laney, i love you. awesome shirt. but please, only unicorns and puppies from now on..kittens offend me. one of my relatives....welll...nevermind. and i find everything else way too ofensive for anything.

id buy this shirt in a heart beat $5


"oh wow, hey dude's blowing his head off:
that might be offensive to people who've had a friend or relative commit suicide.

oh crap:
maybe that offended someone who had a loved one die in a car crash.

and what about this one? lots of stabbings happen every day:

are you listening threadless? please only select and print images of puppies and kittens and unicorns going forth. thx."

Haha, right on. I still wouldn't wear the shirt. I understand your point, but what I'm saying is that this shirt seems to be glorifying the events. I understand the concept and the design but people unfamiliar with Threadless would not. The shirts you listed used morbid concepts but turned them into something completely different or funny which is not a quality this shirt has when a person unfamiliar with Threadless views it.

I apologise for being so blunt with my first response.


This is a really silly argument. If it were printed and you like it, then buy it! If it offends you, don't buy! It's really that simple!


it reminds me of that shirt in defunker only more 3d like


why does everybody always want the art to be huge and centered? i wouldn't make it any larger than it is now... and i like the off-center composition.

Lt Major Burns

um.... on 9/11, no planes were seen flying through the air on fire. that's like saying "this tshirt has a picture of a building on it somewhere! that is so offensive!"



yes dex laney, you have saved me some keyboard time there, i couldnt have put it better myself. I wish people would stop playing the victim card all the time.


..."recent events", granitescam? Four years ain't recent. Regardless, it's a design of an airplane on fire. There is no connection to the "recent event" you refer to.

Fiven + $.


yeah, it'd be funny...
in other dimension...
in another time...
these days...
right now?


Wow... so many simple minded people on here. I guess the only thing not answered so far is: How the HELL is it glorifying 9-11? And who would, honestly? Quite simply, your comment glorified your ignorance.

5 and buy.


settle down people...
we are terrorized as a country because we allow ourselves to be victims. we are a bunch of sensitive pig heads...that's irony.
the shirt kicks ass.


Five and Buy.
I do enjoy it, Maybe Larger, and to the left of the shirt, maybe fire rotates to back of shirt?

d3d profile pic Alumni

i love it exactly as it is and i'd definitely buy it. i made no connection to terrorism and i don't think it's reasonable for anyone else to. that's a really long conclusion to jump to. planes crash all the time guys. great shirt.

danrule profile pic Alumni

I like your story/inspiration much more than this particaular image. I think a stronger image should be reached to better communicate the content.

And a close-up would be nice.


i ditto d3d. ..i dont understand how you could think this had anything to do with 9-11. just THINK people.

i think its a great design... i think its funny and yeah...i'd wear it too.

i like how the plane looks like its straight out of the safety manuals in the seats.

$5. rock on.


this shirt has about as much to do with the events of 9/11 as does our involvement in the iraq war.

neither have anything to do with 9/11 unless you are purposley looking for something, anything to make a case for it to fit your own agenda.

d3d is right, "that's a really long conclusion to jump to"

chrisPlustina hit it on the head for me, "we are terrorized as a country because we allow ourselves to be victims"


i actually took this as funny, rather than morbid... meh.
i would make the smoke stand out a little more, maybe by outlining it

Rebecca Jane

Wow. Love the concept. This should be a poster. I'd hang it on my wall, definitely.


So, now every plane on fire is a symbol of 9-11? This didn't even happen in 9-11, the planes crashed into the towers, and blew up, no engines on fire, no crashing planes, just sudden explosions.
If you want to think that this is offending then your mind may be in the wrong place.
I supposed I should sue Go-Gurt because their slogan is "Squeeze and Slurp, Grab and Glurp." My friend thinks of that as sexual, how dare they advertise that.


Well hamsters offend me because one killed my pet nut

But planes on fire fantastic!! 5 just to piss off everyone who keeps on talking shight


Also i love anything that make people get off their ass and discuss or talk about things whether it be terrorism or art

Ink Boy



Hmmmmmm again.

You're obviously glorifying those recent events in Pearl Habour/Lockerbie/9-11. Its digusting that peolpe with imaginations like yours are allowed to exist in a democracy. I think a short spell in a CIA holiday camp in Poland will remind you what freedom stands for.

Jonny Whishbone

Yes, yes and hell YES!!! I´m flight-attendent and I need 2 have it!!! 5$

sam says rawrrrr

"You're obviously glorifying those recent events in Pearl Habour" is that sarcasm? because its been decades.. anyways, i find no link ot terrorism in this design. i also happen to be an american citizen. anyways, love the shirt.


Sorry Sam. Maybe I was a bit heavy on the sarcasm. I just don't get what's with the paranoia some people are suffering from. But then I'm not a US citizen, and we've had bombs going off in Britain for as long as I can remember
Good tee, but I think I like the story behind it and the reaction to it even more than the shirt. 4


interesting idea. I think the burning tower one has to be the sequel.
And anyone still whinging about terrorism should take a look at some of the countries who have lived with it for decades and how they deal with it. Yes, comedy plays a major role.


Hmmm, flaming planes, flaming planes...


Just because there is a plane crashing doesnt mean its about or even less GLORIFYING 9-11


Whats everyones problem with planes and crashing? Cars crash, bikes crash, trains crash.... just because something BIG happened in the past doesn't mean someone can't make a good design.


i guess the thing about it is whether or not i would wear it.

and no, i personally wouldn't. because whether or not it offends other people and makes them think of September 11th really doesn't matter...i just don't feel like walking around with a plane crash on my chest.

but maybe that's just me.

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i dont like it, the design in general. just doesnt sway me. im an open-minded person by the way...

now, the average person in america (i havent been out of the country since before 2000...) wouldnt wear this shirt at all and would be horrified. its not even that good of a design.

you brought up flowers in the attic and ctrl+z as part of your defense... while im not really a fan of either shirt, they are both really good designs. i mean, flowers in the attic in particular is a crazy good design, its very powerful and emotional (not emo kind)... this just looks like a clipart plane on clipart fire with really bad smoke. sorry to be harsh, but its how i feel.

im giving you a 1 for effort and at least trying to defend your design.


But wait...

I didn't defend my design.


$5 + thought provoking, not necessarily meant to be funny, like everyone thinks, original, just unfortunate 911 makes everyone so defensive. nice design.


$5 for me...

Screw being politically correct for the sake of a few marrow minded, no senses of humour people. Art is meant to be confronting.


nifty $5

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