Blood Thirsty Birdie

  • by SBDesign
  • posted Nov 28, 2005
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Something seems odd about the face, specifically the beak (sp?)... if it were cleaned up I'd happily buy.


artie - yes they do add it automatically. You just have to be a bit creative. It helps to be a proficient actionscript programmer as well.


love this idea.. great job.. The beak area looks a bit weird, that needs to be fixed for this to really knock your socks off... but I am all about a $5 here....


so awsome i'd buy for me and my friends!


Heh...definitely cool...I'd buy.

Why Not?

reminds me of a movie i once saw...what was it --- oh yeah, War Of The Worlds....

stickymike profile pic Alumni

hahaha awesome


HAHAHA! I Love how that one person is dragging the other away on the ground... great stuff. XD

d3d profile pic Alumni

pretty rad. not especially well drawn but i'd buy it all the same.


Move the beak a bit higher up to cut out that little indent, and this is a $5.


Funny story, I just have to share it. My friend and I bought two of those things and while we were playing with them, one of them broke open and we had to go to the hospital because we accidentally inhaled some of the gas that's inside of it. It's lethal. Those things scare the crud out of me now. I give it a 5.


Fantastic!!! Though a pointed beak might be a little better?

Squashy Dog Mess

haha sweet. but yeah, pointed beak wqould be sweeter. i love it.


hahaha! funny:)


i laughed out loud! $5!


Yeah touch up the beak a bit and it would be totally awesome.
awesome now...but totally after that.
and yeah that is no toy to be messed with.

great idea just a touch up on the execution and in like Flynn it would be (in like flynn who the hell says that anymore?)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

the beak is fucked up i think


Haha. Except for the colours, I love it to bits. 4.

lemon of pink

unfortunately, i have to give this a zero because for some reason it freezes up my computer every time it comes up. let me rephrase... i would give it a zero if it didn't freeze up my computer every time it comes up. the design's not bad, but please submit a different kind of file next time.

(goodness knows how i've managed to post this)

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

your designs always freeze up when I view them in Firefox...I have to use IE just to vote on YOUR shirts...could you fix that in the future?

This is awesome, by thw way.

would have been a 4, but I'm just too frustrated with your file format. (yes, I know I should only critique on artwork, but consider it an incentive for your next sub)


See now that's a funny (good) design involving death. 4


Great idea!
I'd lose the sidewalk, bench and trees. The bird and people are certainly enough.
Are you aware that an artist in Germany made working 6-foot birds?? It's scary.


Great idea. Bad colors. Something other than red on dark grey.

Ava Adore

nice idea.
could be illustrated better in parts


hahahahah! I love it! I like the guy whos dragging that one other dude. I would so buy this. $5


I agree about the beak being off a bit. Otherwise I'd be all over it.


great idea... but the beak is messed up... and why is only one of the guys blue???


i refreshed my computer a million times just to view this shirt. but i guess its kind of nice, maybe for a guy friend? i woulnd't get it for myself.


an idea:

perhaps one of the people running away can be like.. half-full or something. you know. just for variety.


Lemon of Pink should get a computer that isn't retarded.

This is an amazing design.


Hooooly hell, I hope this wins! I'd buy it in bulk if I had the money! $5!!!


OMG! J'adore! Deffintly something I would proudly wear ...



Gotta love the blue guy getting dragged off by the lady.

Definetly a 5


That's awesome, and you should keep it exactly the way it is. $5.

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