• by WID
  • posted Nov 28, 2005
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thiagob profile pic Alumni

huahuaahu 5 and buy!! perfect


Lovely but no need for the fish or (especially) the speech/think bubbles. You've got totally different things going on at either end of the zebra, and the one at the back is by far the most interesting. Stick with that one and it's a buy.


like it, but loose the copy and fish


lose the speech bubbles, otherwise it is totally awesome


I agree with cambert. otherwise, this is great. I love zebras. put it on brown and I'd wear it.


the zebra front is way cool looking but why does every design have to turn into birds? and the same looking birds?


This design is cool. It has a very... Flowers in the attic effect. I like it minus the fish and words.


yes, no speech bubbles


I love it, sans the speech bubbles. Take those away, and it's awesome. The fish are not needed, though they don't bother me either.


VERY Good! i like work! 5


It would be awesome if the whole "stuff turning into birds thing" wasn't done sooooooo damn often.


just fine the way it is. people complain they want something new but then always say no text. to hell with that. keep the fish it's your design right? plus it gives the zebra something to look at it so he's not bored chillin' on your shirt all day.


Mmmm, I love it.

I agree with those losing of the speech bubbles though.

Do that, and I'd buy it.


Lose the fish and the speech bubbles

$5 anyway :)


i agree that you should lose the fish and bubbles. other than that its awesome.


yeah get rid of the speech bubbles and the fish and its freakin sweet..... but i'd still buy it anyway. i love the design. great concept. $5


great! loveit except the speech bubbles & fish. Maybe a bit bigger too :)


Icelandic fish or speech bubbles and you get a $5.

4 atm.

mikey0145 profile pic Alumni

a friend of mine has a shirt with the exact birds going up onto the should and on the sleeve with same colors, but interesting idea none the less.

props to you if you werent copying.


AWESOME JUST GET RID OF THE BUBBLES ... than you will get a 5


I love it, but without the fish.


I agree, lose the fish and speech bubbles. And have a few more stripes peeled off of the zebra, like to the middle of his back. It kinda looks like the birds are peeling off his arse. Then I'd $ it.


WTF. I love the fish, don't bad the fish ppl. But wots with the speach bubbles? and why is this zebra farting birds?
I say more fish, and the stripes need to start coming off further up his back


$5 i like the size and placement

i agree.. maybe leave out the text


I love it, probably more without both the fish and the bubbles - the zebra itself is perfect, it doesnt need anything more. 5$


I think the whole point is the Zebra's drinking from a pond of some sort and the fish see the stripes flying away and are suprised whereas the zebra has no clue...Anyway if he's supposed to be in water I'dmake it a little more obvious then it would make more sense for the speech bubbles between the two. I'm still giving it a $5


hence the ripples around the zebra's foot....


No text or bubbles, no fish, and 5$. The zebra alone is gorgeous.


I would maintain a nature only aspect, i.e lose the text, fish, and focus on the great transition from stripes to birds.


Drop the speech bubbles and I'd wear it.


you know, i'm not too sure i really mind the speech bubbles, it's really all the same to me; however, if you do decide to keep the fish, please make them slightly darker; I actually didn't know they were there until I started wondering what the second speech bubble was doing. As for other design comments, please move the flying strips further up, so that the birds start forming off of the zebra's back and not make it look like the zebra's got some sort of explosive diarrhea thing going on. Some people might find that funny, but that's just my opinion. Good design overall. True, the images of the birds are a bit trite, but the concept is cute. Cheers.


nice idea


ahhh the old cliche: "lose the text"


lovely--but no speech bubbles please.


Not a fan of the speech bubbles, like everyone else in the world--but a 5$ anyway.


lose the speech bubbles and maybe the fish and i'd totally buy it


no speech bubbles and its awesome

tesko profile pic Alumni

agree with cambert, nice otherwise. good job

Morgan English

I love the flying free birds, but really dont understand the fish or think bubbles in the front. that would keep me from buying it. if it didnt have that, i would be all over it!!


Get rid of the text and it will be perfect.


does this remind anyone of Flowers in the Attic? anyone...?


i'd like it with more fish and no speech bubbles
it makes me think of that poem, or that saying, what is it?

a bird may love a fish, but where would they live!
and obviously, through a zebra!


ya the speech bubbles aren't the best but i love this design anyways awesome job be well


i love the speech bubbles and i like how you did the placement, $5

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