Toy Dragon

  • by EnvE
  • posted Nov 26, 2005

this was a freehand drawing that i drew then scanned to illustrator.

I have also cut this out in a 3 layerd stencil, which i have placed around the city :)

Watch this

I like it, but it's not obviously a dragon. Some other colours for the scales and horns might help to define the subject better.


The black outline-type-thing is really throwing off my perception of the design. He's adorable, but.... it's just really not happening for me. I don't know...


Have you tried reversing out the color of the dragon to white intead of dark olive? I think this is such a cute design, I'd like to see more of it pop off your colored tee.


hey! thanks for the comments, and yeah i did try a white inistead of that dark olive, and it does look pretty good, although i like the dark olive a bit better.


I thought it was a duck on crack, but that's just me


i Love the placement and style!


Oh geez do I love this. 5$ x 10^27


cuuute. but i would like it if it was smaller on the upper center on the tee.

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