The crocoduck

it's so entertaining as an illustration but i'm not sure about the text. the placement looks no right but without the text it could look meaningless. maybe you should had use another font and placed the text more in the illustration like a sign pointing the duck or else.

white looks good but then too empty, a different colored shirt could solve the emptines problema. that's a crazy crackoduck.

* 4 from me...

good luck..

Watch this

I don't really like the text, but the bird and the concept is cute.
I'd buy it. :]


I'd love it if there was a scientific description of the crocoduck instead of the text that's there now. "The crocoduck is native to swamplands of virginia, but has also been found in corners of Tasmania. It feeds on insects and...well...lame ducks." That sort of thing.

sam says rawrrrr

by the dirrection of the feet, im guessing that what you called a butt is actually its stomach, no?


I agree with dangerouspenguin.

Something like: ( Crocodilia Anatidae )

I'd buy it then $5

miss p

Not keen at ALL on the text and white shirt.

Otherwise, woo!


cute. diff color shirt and I like koolzies' suggestion :]


dffrnt fnt pls.

vowels are for squares.


Cute illustration- different colour shirt though and loose the text.


i completely agree with dangerous penguin.... i'd definately buy it with an explanation of the crocoduck underneath

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