• by GINELLI
  • posted Nov 24, 2005

What is that?

Watch this

a huge worm? a bouncy ball? a werid blob? what is it?


oooh, it is one of those balls that ye sit on, hold the handles (the ears in this case) and bounce around on...


In England these 'Space hoppers' are Orange.
I guess I should be a bit more global in future.
Oh well.


hahaha... i knew what it was right away, and i think it's FUNNY.


OMG I had one of those when I was a kid.... I LOVED it.
Love the shirt $5


Didn't they have space hoppers in the US?
You guys missed out.

I'd buy it. I'd buy it some more if it was slightly more sinister. You could probably spare another colour, and make a small pool of red blood coming out from underneath it! As if it was crushing the little kiddies with all their new modern toys!


Yeah, we had space hoppers, but I think the handles were loops...

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i recognised it as a hopper, but that face appears on a specific brand doesn't it? i've seen it on a british mens stuff site.


it looks like a goat a goat reminds me of satan hehe its funny because so many people think play time is evil ie idle hands are the devils tools or some such like that


i always knew they were evil. like a dis-membered cow udder missin' some teets.


Yep, the US version had a loop handle and was a bit more reddish in color, and I've never seen one with a face printed on it (though I think there was a version with a sort of horsey head on the front) - but I still recognized what this was right away. I love it! :D I'd buy it as is, but I'd like it better if the children's silhouettes were cleaned up and simplified somewhat to fit better with the style of the rest of the design.


What the hell...


love the colors


god, this reminds me of gym class


when i first saw it, it looked like a giant brown sheep attacking everybody. Did you use some kind of reference for the bouncy ball thing cuz i've never seen one that looks like that.


I've seen a US version with two handles. It was called a "Rodeo Ball."


Cool! want other colours - dark brown, maroon, dark navy blue for example

whisper in water

"... like a dis-membered cow udder missin' some teets."
That made me laugh, a lot.

This design did not.

Hence, Thickblueink gets a 5+$, and thus design... does not.

(My constructive criticism is thus: There are too many conflicting styles. Pick one & stick to it; either realistic sillhouettes, or cartooney outlines. Either one would work; both, mishmashed together haphazardly, do not work.)

whisper in water

"this design," not "thus design."
I've been writing essays all night, I have the right to not proofread my comments.

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