• by Pyron
  • posted Nov 23, 2005

Previous work was abt gaming , but ppl said i promo female violence , muhahah, but im not.

This a peice of new work hope u guys will like , its abt GIRL POWER , guys u dun mind rite? ahahah :)

Watch this

I quite like the women, even if they do look a bit like cardboard cutouts of each other in stepford-wifey sort of way, but lose the text... it's outdated and obvious.


this would be 100x cooler without the text and black rectangle around it.


also: interesting how their earrings are red and nothing else is.


Jay Leno had daughters?
the red earrings is lost in it, and honestly un-needed. you did some great illustrating. i'd be interested in what it would look like w/ different font. but 4 overall.


Ooh, maybe it could say in different font/smaller text below "Not your average housewife" I just thought of that, I don't know, I think that could be funny - kind of like desperate housewives, but not, cause that's really played out.

I really like the design though, just a different font, maybe different text, but definitely make the text smaller. Maybe make the design smaller overall too. But the vintage nature of the picture is awesome!


i love the idea of retro housewives under the very contemporary concept of girl power. actually woman power is far more funny. i love stripes too. even if they're only in the background.
maybe you can make a design on the same concept, but more "pleasantville" - alike. maybe a the design a bit washed-out? i think the roses are too many or too big or something... instead of being a support for the main focus - the women - they seem to take the show.

i'd like to see this re-done...


yeah, and the text is quite big too. i love the housewife suggestion above mine...

i must really like this t-shirt if i feel the need to comment on it so much.


I love the women (except the far right one, she should have a similar hairstyle like the other 3) and the roses. The text doesn't match up with the time period of the women's style. They're more 40's/50's and the text is more 70's.


i luved the retro girl illustrations yes 5* for them but i agree with the text it belongs to the 70's thats distracting :/

Art is Hard

I would wear it, just because im a guy.


a bit clip art-y



this packs a neat punch. but i'm not too keen on the groovy-esque font. aforementioned, the girl on the right seems to belong to the '90s set with her angular hairdo. i'd love this on a white tee


70's font with 50's clipart? doesnt sit with me


I like the women but not so keen on the text. Maybe something a little more witty?


i'd like it better if the type were more 50's to go with the women. but that's just me.


Why aren't they cooking/cleaning?


I really hate that "girl power" phrase. it makes me think of 6th grade. if that was gotten rid of and instead of white it was the color of the shirt, I'd totally get it.

but the design is awesome anyway.


I looked at it quickly and read "Girl Poker." And thought the dots on the shirt were dice. But I'm silly.
I'm not a fan of the text, the grey outline, and how their shirts' patterns are hard to distinguish from far away. Other than that I adore it.


They should be doing household tasks really efficiently.


the font is Hippy Era, while the women are strictly outta the 50s. Otherwise.... keen!


.....^ yeah..... it is hippie font....

This reminds me of A&F, and their stereotypical Chinese shirts. Just... no. It just does. I'm sorry. It just does. That's all I can think about...


I love just the dames, sans Spice Girl Power Puff Junk. 4

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