Kahuna Matata

Shameless selling point, using Ross and Moss to model your tees. Well done Graye, great presentation too.

Watch this

why yes, yes he did!

mezo profile pic Alumni

I count....47 ways this submission overflows with heat like that from a volcano. 5 & $

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great layout and composition....nice detail...
that wheel is a bit funky though....
great design overall...


mannnnn.......i didnt think your work could get better...but obviously it can!!! 5 & definately $


Its cool and everything, really skilled, but doesnt exactly scream "Threadless".


doesnt say threadless, but flawless design. I'd get it, a 4


I concur with degrassi, but that's probably why I like it so much. This is something Threadless really needs.

kevindujour profile pic Alumni

What exactly is the face in the clouds supposed to be?


that moss wink is creepy as hell. i like the shirt, though. 4/5.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

The face (and body) are a tiki riding the wave clouds on the surfborad coming out the back of the Nomad.

If this is anti-threadless, then I'm already ahead of the revolution...

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

that ross wink is so cool...and so is this shirt :)


awsome shirt..5

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Very well illustrated. I wish the cloud guy's arms were up just a little more so you could get that he's riding the surf board in the car a bit faster. Subject matter alone is a 5.


i think its kinda cool, not something i would wear, but it looks really nice. (^_^)


the other guy has a normal seductive sort of wink. Moss on the other hands is weird and stalkerish, still makes me blush though.


thats a really cool shirt, car kind of looks wierd though


i like the look a lot. i like the monochrome that you and Ian and Rob used in the tiki designs. the "innaccuracy" of the car leaves it looking funky and delapidated in a way that works very well for me.



Ross WINKS = 10,000

shirt = 3


I guess because I'm from Hawaii, and see similar things all the time, this didn't jump out at me at first. But now that I look at it, I think it's really clever. Nice job.


i like the shirt and the winking haha..


curious placement of the surfboard against the backdrop of the figure. sorry, i had to point it out. nice design all around, though.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

This is hot. One of my favorite Tiki themed designs. Wow. Cool concept.

Ok, that was cheesy I know, but this cool bruv! $5 from me of course.


Oh, I'm sorry I missed the voting on this because I love it! It would have been a $5 and buy, easily. Nice job!

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