lovey dovey

hi! this is my first submission, im sure its cliche and been done a million times but i had fun doing it! hope it at least makes u feel good inside!

Watch this

I love the colors and think it is really cute. Not normally my style- but I would buy this shirt.


god damn thats hot. Thats so cool i so want it. Is it a pic of Diane Mellert and you? It should be. I must say it makes me feel really good panties:)


It's cute. It's cudley. No, it's a shirt the girls will love which evolves into => chick magnet

Oh yes, you know you like my logic. :)


i want one now! i like how the girl has eyelashes and the boy doesnt so u can tell them apart, u r sooo clever raw dawg


pretty! I WANT IT!!!!!!!


Oh my! I wnat this so muuuuuuuch <3

$5 definatly, I really hope this is printed

P.S. I LOVE the color you chose :)


it's so girlie, i love it.


reminds me of the "for the birds" shirt. Cute though.


I like it too... so lovely and the colours are definitely a winner :)


"omg that's so cute!" i don't know why i said that. It is quite lovely though looks something from a store i know [aeropostale of american eagle] maybe its the colors . Overall I'd buy it ... and i like your username :D


the design seems unoriginal and not thought through. The colors are good though...but maybe a different/original design.


simple, too girly but i like this very much. I2m just not sure about the color of the birds...


this has the same concept as "for the birds"
i mean, the execution is wonderful
but i find it too cutesy for my taste
and the idea isnt original at all

you have talent, keep submitting!!

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