• by til
  • posted Nov 16, 2005

when i was a child, i had a hamster that just couldn't stop running away.

first submission.

hope you like it.

Watch this
gemmabear profile pic Alumni

ahh! yes. i like it a lot... but maybe it should go up, ever so slightly. But having said that, pretty damn fantastic for a 1st sub. i'd buy it.


aw I miss the hampsters


i'd prefer it if the hamster were running on the wheel, but this is cute.

i get how it has to do with the hamster running away... but i think it would also look better if the hamster wasn't on the bottom of the shirt, maybe running away from the wheel on the top.

i like it, though.


Very cute!


I would say keep the text under an image of the hampster in one of those hampster balls.



I love it. I agree somewhat with fvirie, though - maybe put the hamster on the wheel. Either way, I'd buy it.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Good. Thechild-like linework is nice but the images don't connect with each other. Pull them together to be more unified instead of 'here's a running wheel. here's a banner. here's a hampster.'



I feel that he's running from the cage and stupid children. Go free little guy! Be happy!


That reminds me of a story my teacher told us in calculus:

He had a hamster in his room because his grandson was staying over and at night when he was trying to sleep the hamster kept on running and the treadmill thing kept on squeaking. He couldn't got to sleep so to stop the treadmill he stuck a pencil in it so the hamster couldn't run anymore. Well, the hamster couldn't run aywhere after that. He had stabbed the pencil into the hamster instead of just the treadmill!!

So yeah, I'd buy


It's very cute, and I love the hamster, but that wheel just looks plain ugly. I suggest taking it out and also making the words/ribbon smaller. The design itself is too big. It'll look great with a little revision.


I would love it if the hamster was in the wheel, and the wheel was facing towards a beautiful setting ... like a field or a long winding road or something. Like the hamster might just get there if he keeps running.

But I like it this way, too.


this makes me feel good i used to have a hamster


Ze wheel.. she iz unnecessary.

Ozerwize... it isz gggrreeat!

handy smurf

I like the wheel, RUN FORREST RUN!


I think the graphic is too big, it would have been better if it didn't take up the whole shirt. But other than that I like it!


put the hamster in the wheel!


Perhaps have the wheel to the side of the hamster? As if he has just escaped it... Very good concept, and absurdly cute hamster.

lemon of pink

wow. this is so cute i can't help myself. i love your drawing of the wheel, it's very 2-dimensional and it works.


keep on trying!!!


aww, cute!



hehe...it made me smile!! i don't know why! VERY cute. $4


intigrate the ideas here. like a hampster coat of arms. even though, it's great.


Very cute design it made me smile too.

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