Binding Love

bondage....hell yeah, tie her up and beat her senseless because she asked to be dominated :)

Cute design 3

Watch this

nice shirt!

design of 1981

very advanced idea for a tee, wonderful!

Mother Tink

Great Idea Danny, nice job, I like it!


I'd def buy this shirt!!!



lovely and unusual!


Nice illustration. Strangely sexy


Great Illustration! I think I'd like it without the star but at the same time the star does seem to balance it. Definitely would have this in my closet. Great work!




Pervert Fantasy Fanclub member T-shirt!


This shirt is vicious. I'd get one in a second.

unstable turtle

I know alot of people that would love this shirt. I will tell them to come and check it out. I could see this as a concert t-shirt too- the band Metric stands out the most?


hell no.
this brings me nasty thoughts.


I love this shirt, I would defenitaly buy it


maybe not something i could pull off wearing, but i know lots of people who could. and the star is cool.


lose the star and i'd like it a lot better


I'd so buy this shirt, and wear it until it fell to bits!


I think she needs eyes that stand out, shadowed face by hair or something. Put some glitter on, add "Bad girl" and some variations and make it into a girly tank. 4 stars I'd buy



The first thing that came to mind was that the star meant fame, and that to be famous you must be raped by the media and by the big businesses.


I love it.



other then the pink star, i F@cking love this shirt, maybe change the color of the star and nails and buttons to red or something and it'll be a 5$


good art, not something i would feel comfortable wearing in public though .


I always love your photography. I really like this shirt, I love pink so the star is an awesome touch.



If we want violence against women to stop, we can't put stuff like this on tees.


This shirt does nothing to promote violence against women. Some like it dark, some like to be tied up. It doesn't suit your prudish taste, then skip the submission and move on. Others of us love the design. 5$+


The illustration itself is good. But I don't like it.

johnny 5

pretty fuckin rad dude..mad props



The illustration is great, but I don't like the art. Does that make sense? I'm so tired of seeing hlaf-naked women everywhere on Threadless. I think I've said that before, but oh well.


I dont think its prude for him/her to have respect for women. I think they have the right idea.

This makes it seem ok, and almost glorifies the fact that people think us as toys.



s&m rules- but these s&m tees i'm seeing lately are not up to par.


It could do without the star, but there's one thing I consider if I'm designing something, and that's other people's opinions. Not because I need their input, but say you design something and others say "I don't like it" or worse... "I don't get it" Then it's not doing what it was supposed to do.

Not that you need to hear this from me, of course.

handy smurf

Reminds me of the Lords of Acid concert I went to, I keep my freak confined to the bedroom couldn't wear this in public.


eh, well too dirty for me.


To make your idea come across better, I would emphasize the handcuffs (they are kind of small and blend in with the background colour) and change her mouth (if she is supposed to be gagged or silenced in some way, make it obvious with a gag or something - not what looks like a piece of tape.) The star kind of balances it out, as someone said, but eh... maybe another shape? I dunno. It still looks okay.

Otherwise, the design is bitchin'. The whole "this is degrading to women" aspect is false, in my opinion, if you understand the concept. I gave it a 4 (5 if some of the details I mentioned were accentuated or changed) and $.


Oh, and I love the pink, black and gray colour combo that you used, too. Forgot to mention that.


I thought the star was essential. This woman can't be seen as sexy unless she's the "sub" for the "dom" that is, well, stardom -- what the public regards as sexy -- no "distinct eyes" because she can't have personality, just appearances... tape her mouth shut, tie her hands, paint her up nice and pretty.

The only reason I would ever wear this is to point out public degradation of women. The fact that the popular reaction to this seems to be "omg sexy" is kinna' telling.

But that's just me :)


God, the more I think about this shirt the more I love it.

God, I hope this one is printed.


yes more s and m ! mabey make the star have angels that are sharper and it would look less cartoonie




Don't get me wrong here, I absolutely respect women. What I'm saying is, sure, this design isn't for everybody, but saying that it promotes violence is a little much. There are no paddles, whips, clamps, etc. Nothing here indicating infliction of pain, so saying it promotes violence is just a poorly-thought-out knee-jerk reaction to something unfamiliar.

Its not to your taste, that's fine. Leave it be. "Skip submission" is there for a reason.

There are still people out there that like bondage for the sake of bondage, and not just as an aid to inflicting pain. So lay off. There is no indication she's being restrained against her will.

And PLEASE, keep the star. The whole thing is great as is.

mezo profile pic Alumni

You could have at least changed the star to make it not so "Illustrator" standard icon. While I really like the way you handled the curviture of your starlet, I would not wear a shirt like this. She is more appropriate for one of those spot illustrations in Cosmo or something...


"There are still people out there that like bondage for the sake of bondage, and not just as an aid to inflicting pain. So lay off. There is no indication she's being restrained against her will."

Exactly; I completely agree with that and the rest of what you said, Ma1agate. People just like to over-interprite things, I think. The bottom line is if you do not like it, do not vote on it.


Rape is about violence, BDSM is about trust, sex and, yes, love.

I really like the shirt, and I think the star works perfectly. Good job.


Unique, funny, sexy and risque. I think it works. but the star is a bit too large and closer to the collar than i'd prefer. $4. keep it up.


for the love of god, if there tied up, wearing leathers, corsets and high heels it ISNT violence against women, many people do get their kicks from this sort of thing.

If we want violence to women to stop then we need to stop beating them senseless,

personally i'm more concerned about the number of un-reported violence towards men issues...



LOVE IT. I dont care what everyone else says haha, this is the ONLY half-naked woman tee Id buy.


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