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  • by NancyJ
  • posted Nov 16, 2005

Sorry about the flashing... it was a lot slower in my submission, guess they speeded it up.

Watch this

It lacks subtlety.


^^ Congratulations, mangus, on winning Understatement of the Year!


It lacks basically everything that makes a t-shirt design good. This is a similar idea as the "Nice Boobies" shirt, but at least that one requires a little bit of neuron-firing to understand.


just plain retarded. i could ONLY see moron guys wearing this.


I'd wear it, and I'm neither a moron nor a guy.
Some women are proud of their melons :p


I'd definately buy it, but hasnt it sort of been done with the shirt with the blue footed boobies?


I'm sure a guy would love to wear this..


Oh, ha. ha. You're a rotten egg Nancyj. You've got talent in there somewhere I bet.


i am SO sick of the boob shirt submissions lately. i mean, "nice boobies" is remotely funny, but this is just tacky.

okay, so it would be sort of funny if a guy wore it. but in general, it's just plain tacky.


The nice boobies one doesnt work for me, with only 4 colours they're barely identifyable without the title and less than 5% of the world would get it. It would probably have worked better with a pair of bluetits IMO.
I actually did this before I saw the nice boobies shirt anyway. Its a shirt that I made for my sims about a year ago and was very popular - got over 1k downloads - and sims players are mostly female :p I thought it would make a good test submission. I plan to get it printed at cafe press anyway, I so want to wear it.

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