Swirlie Girlie

  • by Pukagurl
  • posted Nov 11, 2005

This is my first entrance I hope you like it.

Watch this
Robsoul profile pic Alumni

reminds me of james bonds, electric coolaid acid test, that type of stuff. very cool. everything looks proportional but her ankle looks a little odd. I would probably buy this.


First off great art! Love your style. But out of all your designs this will probaby fly the best. Couple suggestions loose the panties, make her all cloud and she needs something complimentary going on behind her.
For talent and art alone I give it a 4.


Love it, but agree with above, and also a lil bit smaller. 4 as well.


Way more amazing than all the other "girl" shirts on here


see, this is why you shouldn't do drugs, kids. sure, she looks hot now, but when you wake up next to her the morning after, you'll realize she's actually 300 lbs, toothless, and named "Hal".

just teasin'. this shirt is totally hot.

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kickin indeed. i like my tees with centered designs, but i love the design, you've got a knack for the hot girls.


hahahha, what jett said was really funny.


ooo so 60's!




coolest design i've seen in quite some time


she's hot


I wouldn't buy it, but very hot.

encore lui

good shirt but in white...hummm


great design, 5$ Looks horrible on brown, by the way.


Can any one say pink floyd?. I still love it though. And i have to say i like it better on the brown. It gives the whole piece a warm hue. $5!


She looks like a Neopet.
Not original enough.


Just how i like my women...No, really, i am so buying this shirt


I want this shirt!


i would just offer this in black...the other color clashes a bit much


Thanks for the nice comments guys. I thought the Brown was a good contrast, I'm confused by the Neo Pet comment? and the Pink Floyd one is there some art from them that is similiar?
At least no one said "Gee when did threadless turn into Hot Topic" That seems to be the trendy unconstructive thing to say. Thanks to those who are nice and to the ones with constructive criticism so I can make my next entries better.


Well I can see why you would think that, but It is not my fault if a guy looks at my art a certain way. It's like people wanting to censor porn because they are offended of it turning them on. I think that we are too censored and in places such as Europe The female body isn't seen as something that is "dirty" or "sinful" but more as a normal natural beatiful thing and that is how I see it so That is why most of my art is semi nude sometimes scantily dressed woman also I enjoy the subject matter of sexy woman so I suppose that is why I do it as you dont like it so you dont create art like that. Its a very sided subject I think people see naked women in a different way. I see it as empowing and you see it as lowering onesself. I dont think I am "selling out" or creating "junk" either the fans of my art enjoy it and request I keep doing it you obviously are not a fan and that is your right, but just because you dont like it doesnt make it ok to say hurtful things.
Yes it does make me feel better that it doesn't look like hot Topic. :)
and none of the ladies are showing nipple or hoo-ha.


I love your designs! :) They're perty. <3



eh... sounds like blanford is a big boring douche bag. There's always someone willing to ruin it for others wanting to have a good time. If this was a party, his head would already be in a flushing toilet.

I agree with Pukagurl, and as an artist, I will say that there is nothing more beautiful in nature than the nude female form. That is why it is one of the most popular subjects in art.

Great Artwork and design, and the last thing it deserves is criticism.


I'd like to see more women on here, not only "girls" :P

But in all seriousness, I think that the "hot-girl" on tshirts has sort of been done to death... I've seen quite a few designs with that theme, mostly in men's stores.

Having said that, I think the figure is excellently composed and I like the colours.

Damon Butler

Reminds me of the Nude Dimensions music label stuff. I've always liked their artwork. As far as blanfords comment, he's a fruit. Women don't like him too much so he's mad. This is tastefully done. And I agree with the Europe comment, they aren't prudes about nudes :)

Vive La France!


Note: If you're going to criticize please be constructive and respectful about it.
It says that under the comment box.

Anyway You guys rock! Even the ones who don't like my stuff I don't mind just critisize my art not me. I'm glad that everyone on here seems to be cool I almost let 1 person ruin it for me. Thank You!!
This guy said it best:

Believe it or not...
I think it is a decent criticism-while not specific to one image-
the person reviewing expressed their opinion clearly about your art.
They lopped your art into a preordained category in their head
and never looked at it. But for the reviewer this was as close as they
could get to an honest critique.
I think the comments are ridiculous and the person writing them
is dealing with some serious issues of sexual repression- very typical of american
society at large.

Keep drawing


i really like it, i probably wouldnt wear it, but its beautifully done! (^_^)


Very good design... 5 p : )

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