Robot PRON

Nothing like watching two well-oiled robots going at it to get your own pistons going! All robots are of legal age in this image.

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pron is degrading to women. and spelling. unless this was somehow a joke about TRON that i'm not getting.


What a great freaking shirt! I laugh my ass off. Pron is the spelling used on boards as a way of avoiding random porn searches on the net. I think. I don't know, its some kind of code word so I get. I guess I download to much pron. Haha. Love the caption and I love the tee. $5


I love this shirt~ pr0n, robot style, yay! The plug and socket is very clever.


The Jetsons-esque TV antenna is a nice touch.


i like it!

tesko profile pic Alumni



nice drawing. the ol' plug and socket joke is beyond tired though...

el toro

jett you are full of SHIT, i've never seen the idea of the socket and plug before. As far as Pron, it is something that us computer geeks only understand, but lose your rear ends for once and enjy it for what its worth. Awesome idea
i would buy it and 5


Lovin' it. Must have it. Make it. FIVAH!


Funny without being trashy. I love it.


im leaking battery acid 5$


all my 5 belong to this
and my money signs, those too


$5... first shirt ive said i would buy other than my own and sleeping soundly by nim... nice work


Cute idea.
It's weird that he's watching it with a girlfriend, though.


I friggin' love that, it's the best shirt I've seen in awhile ahh I must own it. 5+$


pr0n is just as demeaning to men as it is to women, to whoever posted far above.

i liek it.


el toro: If you have never seen inuendo in a plug and a socket, then you are full of shit. There is a reason all plugs and sockets are referred to as "male" or "female".

I agree about the color not being the best choice. Other than that, it is great.


whats not to love about robots...and pron...its an orgy of fun


Although i've seen the whole male and female socket idea quite a few times now, I really like this design. The robots are really well illustrated and i like your use of colour. Well done mate.


hei Stronglikebull ,nice concept and illustration.. i like it so... 5+$


I have never seen the plug and socket idea on here before. Although it wouldn't have kept me from posting this design. I notice the blue is not the choice everyone would have liked to seen but the reason I chose it was the thinking of how the tv seems to give off alot of blue when the lights are out. Thanks for all the kind words so far it does my heart good.


Definite Print!

Must Have Pron!



Nice Work !
I love it !!

$5 !!!!!


Who in their right mind would were such trash on their body???????????????????????????????????????????????????????



and by were I mean wear...just so you know.


stuff64, you are a homo. i love this shirt!


great shirt. i would wear it everywear!


What a cute image! I have always thought of plugs as boy and girl parts. 5$


el toro: can I keep my rear end, and still enjoy it?

I've seen plenty of 'plug and socket sex' concepts/submissions, but this is the ONLY one I've seen that I really liked. I love the concept of it being actual robot pron, rather than just innuendo for regular people. And I love that he's watching it with his girlfriend, and they are cuddling. I also think that the blue works well, since it is supposed to be in a darkened room. The blue DOES evoke that for me, at least. The best part is that it's actually well-executed, not JUST a cute concept. Thanks!!!


stfu el toro. ive seen it many times.
i love it.


zimfreak...I'm sorry that you're such a loser that you can only enjoy porn whilst wanking alone. It's so much more fun with a partner.

As for the shirt, $5.


"Pron is degrading to women"

So, it doesn't degrade men at all? They are out there doing the same thing.. Technically your comment is pretty sexist.

PS, 5+b


This shirt is so funny, I totally buy it.

el toro

It seems there is more than one imbecile that just posts responses for the hell of it. Oeon you may have given yourself a pat in the back for thinking of yourself so highly, aren't you special, thanks for clarifying such a complex concept. What I meant by Jett being full of shit is that such an idea hasn't been overused on Threadless.


im dumb um i love this shirt its unique never seen anything quite like it


HAHAHAHAHAHA print this. It's toooo funny.

Peace. $5


el toro, i was going to let your original comment slide because i thought you were probably just really passionate about the design and didn't like my opinion (and it is just that -- an OPINION, so as such is not wrong or "full of shit" just because YOU don't agree...), but now you're just backing yourself into a corner.

first of all, i didn't even say i disliked the design. in fact, i gave it a 4 for artistry. only thing i didn't mark "buy". i wouldn't wear it for the same reason i wouldn't wear a "Why did the chicken cross the road shirt". because to ME, it fels clichee, and we're all entitled to our opinions, not just you.

"What I meant by Jett being full of shit is that such an idea hasn't been overused on Threadless"

hmmm... well, that's funny, because i never mentioned the idea being overused on Threadless. merely overused in general. so "what you meant" wasn't even accurate. the average joe looking at what i'm wearing isn't going to know it's from Threadless anyway... so you may want to start reading peoples' comments a little more carefully.

now, what makes Oeon, pendz, and anyone else who says they've seen the plug / socket joke used before an "imbicile"? did it ever occur to you that perhaps the joke IS more common than you realize, and you're just not all that observant? and in terms of Oeon thinking highly of himself... time to take a look in the mirror.

now, if you have as much respect for this design as you say you do, stop needlessly flaming people for having minds of their own, and stop turning poor Stronglikebull's comments section into an abuse-fest. Stronglikebull, i'm sorry it came to this, and i will reiterate your drawing kicks ass.


jeeze -- that was way too long and blathering. apologies all. :P


Ha ha great 5 $


this is awesome! much better than most. 5$


IT's an awsome shirt, but I wouldn't wear it.

PRON is a mispelling for PORN


fan- foo goo - tastic !! great skills, and fun idea. I want one. $5


love it gives me a rhad no

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