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nice....but nite version is better

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

night version is cool

I don't think you uneed the brain/heart, either.


I agree with whirzle1. No brain (unless it was glass top but then that raises the question on how a brain that big would exist) and heart. Great Illo! Like the style, 4


great design! night version is better! this one is still a 5


I prefer the night version, but I'd prefer no heart or brain. Great design though.



"belly size may vary"



I dig it, but I would like it better with no brain or heart too.

mad cat

You know that I love this design!

The only comment I have is that his right arm doesn't seem tomatch exactlly his left. The way it tapers toward the shoulder seems slightly different. Also the hinge of the elbow.
I would have mentioned it earlier, but didn't notice till now.

Good work!

franx profile pic Alumni

cool, i like the night version too but tend to prefer this one more.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Both versions are very good. I prefer this one though.


nice work, very nice. With the wave of robot hate, its been awhile since I've seen a good robo-submission. Very cool...and the night one is excellent!!


This is great! I Do prefer the night one cos the spotlights add something extra. However, print it and I'll buy it!


5 from me, i love it. i want one too :)


love the design, i agree with kendurance, spotlights look better. 5


like godzilla, but a robot. ro-ziilla. i'd totally buy this shirt.


I'm nitpicking, but could you do this on a different color? I'm not buying it if it's on natural.


niice...different color maybe? nice work. :] i would buy it.


I really like the night version! I don't care too much for the brain and the heart, but don't mind it as much on the darker shirt.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

It would be way cooler without the heart and the brain. It is still quality, but without, I'd be hoping that this thing would win.


I like the brain, but the heart could go.

fastjumper profile pic Alumni

awesome.i guess its a bit too far from the sxsw contest theme(wich is pretty generic anyway) but still a super design!

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

night version with heli spotties

stickymike profile pic Alumni

Oh gee golly whiz guys, thanks

I really appreciate all the feedback so far. I had a hard time deciding which one to post, what to leave out and what to leave in and such.

Im sorry you guys dont like the heart and brain! thats one of my favorite parts, it tells more of a story, and shows his possible weakness, kind of like a video game boss from NES.

do you guys think I should also submit the night time one seprately? maybe later in the month I will.

This was a blast to draw, and would love anymore comments, so bring um on suckas!


This makes me think of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. A 5 & buy for the night version.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

actually, on second thought... lose the heart(or make it look like a cartoon heart? That's way overdone so I dont really know...) but definitely leave the brain.


5, would buy, especially on the night version. That is quite hot, but less the brain, kthx.

Seriously, nice design.


This shirt makes me want to plan my death if it does not get printed! this is absolutely perfect! argh!


Great design, but how does it fit into the SXSW theme?


and I give it a 4 - I'll make it a 5 if you lose the heart =)


i take it no one else is tired of robots, this doesn't even fit with the contest theme.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

so what exactly fits the theme of a word that doesnt exist?


Cool shirt; I'd buy the night version if the heart and brain were gone.


i like this shirt.
i disagree with everyone who says that the heart and the brain is too much.
because i think it just enough.

i enjoy how you presented this tshirt, it makes me laugh.

that guy in that picture has a cute belly.

also, freehandprofit is lame.


That heart looks totally ridiculous. The brain might be ok, but the heart just looks totally out of place. Everything else about the design is pretty cool for me.

Whether it fits the contest theme or not, it's still in the normal threadless competition too, I think it would be better suited for that.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

For all you brain and heart haters out there

I actually kind of like it more this way. Though for the night scene I really like the heart and brain.

Thanks to everyone again for your comments, keep um comin


this is freaking amazing.

its getting doubt.


dang you rock! now you gotta design me a boys suck tee! hahahah


love it. hate it. rock it.

yeah. I'd rock dis.


as far as a tee shirt composition, it goes for a landscape view instead of portrait which is kick ass cleaver. doesn't wash out like the night vision one would on tee shirt. i would buy it for my wife.


Dig the shirt a lot. either style i would wear, Im with the others i could go with or without the heart and brain. besides robots dont have hearts.

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

Hey good job Mike, this is my fav of the latest batch of subs, regs and swsx included. I agree with the comments on the brain and heart kinda looking forced though. It would be cool if it were more like you were looking through a glass brain case and seeing the brain, and a glass porthole window into his heart, so it makes a little more sense. But I do really like the long panarama setup, good comp!


This is excellent! I love the style, and for some reason the robots raised leg looks sweet. I might like it better a little lower on the shirt, I'm not sure why though.


kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Oh i love that movie! Made me sad when he sacrificed himself, but the good thing is he can assemble his parts so it's still a happy ending.

The Iron Giant


love the design and that he's got a heart. plus the belly comment it pretty funny. nice work...

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