so....what's this shirt about?

Watch this

i like it, but the dude looks al ittle funny, otherwise i'd buy it


Hey, look! It's probable cause!


It's a guy dreaming about poison ivy. cough cough or smoking it....

anyway-- too big.


funny shirt...just not for me


ehmm is that supposed to look like maurijuana? i realize it would be missing 2 ehmm thingys but still... dont like it


(hit enter before i was finished :P) besides the face, you obviously have some kick ass artistic skills. its a 3


Neat idea.

His left eye I thought was a pirate patch when I first flipped through.


You can draw that's 4 sure....PICK better subject matter.....why advertise your habits/hobbies....after the CHEECH n CHONG era not to mention CYPRESS HILL shirts... no need to wear weed! smoke it if you got it, mae the next shirt outta HEMP but don't ADVERTISE it....LEGALISE IT! and GET OVER IT! @ the same time!


something about the weed, blacked out eye and the hairy neck just rubs me the wrong way.


Love the face, not the marijuana


2 because of the marijuana reference.


mm Im not one to wear marijuana on my shirts =\


I would SO wear this, and all my friends would try to steal it from me too...

deff. $5!


I would not wear it. I'm from holland and so mary-jane tees are very regular here.


Well I like this... but yeah there is something odd about the blacked out part of the face, although I didn't notice it until I read the comment. I like the face otherwise. I don't know if you need the leaves though.


this is cool but the stupid weed messes it up. whatev


i kinda like it. it's simple, although the dude's head could be a bit smaller. it isn't subtle or understated, but it deffinetly beats most pot shirts - i hate it when things scream 'i love pot', etc, it's just gouch. this one isn't - it's nice. i'd wear it, i think.


boooooooo....very bad

Poprocks Anonymous

Mh, I dislike the marijuana reference.
Regardless of how I personally feel about marijuana, to be wearing any sort of reference around for the world to see kind of says "Please follow me, Mr. Cop, I'm doing this to deliberately piss you off."


The Marijuana reference kind of seems a bit much. the Whole Dramatizing cheapens the rest of the Artwork.

Damon Butler

I'd like the design more if the dude didn't look like Markie the Serial Rapist. Homeboy looks a bit sleezy. Love the placement of the objects.


The dude looks like John Holmes.


+5 for drawing
-5 for weed advertisement
= 0 score.


Just regular leaves, or clouds. Doesn't really have to mean much, but Day Dream can is a nice concept, but ruined by marijuana. It's a nice composistion.


nice to see a sketch. everything here is usually so streamlined and sometimes cold. especially with all the robots, not that im complaining. the weed could go sketchy. but yeah i wouldnt wear it b/c i dont smoke so you're definitely limiting yourself to one audience.


i like weed, so i'd wear it.
def not to school though, they'd search my shit in a heartbeat.
5 nonetheless.


Screw the nay-sayers. Print this ebcasue the drawing is amazing. 5$


Everyone should smoke more pot!


weed is a natural plant, theres nothing wrong with it. i hate when ppl judge because of marijuana. lame..

looks free to me

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