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He is Risen! with a Hunger for the Flesh of the Li

I wasn't going to comment or even vote on this, but then I took a look a Jesus. What is up with the flesh rotting off the bone??? 0

Watch this

oh man. such a good idea! one of those "damnit, i could of thought that up but didn't!"
give him more zombie features though, it's not enough, i only got the joke because of the title. PLEASE re-do this one!


This is a great idea, but I agree that the "zombification" needs to be more extreme.

Perhaps if half his face has rotted away with teeth showing through a hole in his cheek. Maybe an eyeball hanging out of its socket. Add some flies buzzing around him, more tatters in his clothing, etc.


You know, I'd even suggest adding your text to this. I think you could put "He is risen" really big at the top and then add "with a hunger for the flesh of the living" much cmaller at the bottom. Normally I think text is over-kill but you've come up with a pretty funny phrase in your description. Use it!


not funny sorry


Hm. Well. I wouldn't wear this, just like I wouldn't wear anything else that made fun of any other religion. Sorry, dearie, this just isn't working for me.


I'd rename it jesus was a mummy.

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i love it, but indeed, make him MORE zombie-riffic. hes not got the colour of a zombie ... maybe give him a bloody mouth or a limb in a hand like he just ate someone. i'd buy this when its rockin tho


Agree with more zombiefication, the text might be cool too.


am not normally a fan of fairy tale images... but i like the approach/idea... why no decomp-disfigurment of the face? maybe be a little bolder on the zombification (spelling) of this fictional man for more ooomph.


i think" zombiefication" looks better.


I think he needs to look more like a zombie


I think its funny, but i wouldnt wear it. And yes, more zombie-ness.


did he change his name from jesus to risen when he became a zombie?


zombie jesus is not funny anymore.


what is this supposed to be? disappointing, stupid or both?


yeah maybe make him a bit greener, more rotten lookin ;)


you get a 5 for a hilarious idea, i wouldnt wear it because it might offend some of my friends :(

but def. make him more rotten and put the text in and you may convince me....

is a gunslinger

Funny stuff, but he doesn't look zombie enough. Looks like a regular Jesus shirt if you dont look at the title.


More zombification indeed. Also, greenish skin if possible within color limits. Maybe have a word balloon, or something else, that read "braaains" etc.


extra zombie would help. I would buy this in TEN SECONDS!


insert Futurama line "sweet zombie jesus" here


awww! this one reminds me of my brother! he always says jesus was a zombie. it's nice to see someone else thinks that as well. lol

make him look more zombie like and i'll totally buy this.



He really needs to be green. Then add "He Is Risen!" in a gothic horror-movie font. I'd definitely buy it then.


hahhhahahahhaha omg best idea ever! it's so clever! i'm kind of a wuss so i'd probably be scared that i'd offend someone but...i don't know. it's so good i'd probably buy it and just wear it around the house and giggle.

definitely more zombie-ish though...because at first i was like wtf.




brian ist dead, just because you're Catholic and not offended, doesn't mean that no one will be offended. I personally am not offended or threatended, but would not wear it as it could alienate others.


catholics are wierd because they have gay pedophiles for priests, but being a christian i agree with the above statement.


Yep, needs to look more like a zombie....i didn't notice he was a zombie for a while, just thought it was a really ugly religious shirt! A little TOO subtle.


This would be really funny if it were a full-on zombie jesus. Could he be eating the brains of a hooker or something? That would be amazing. Anyway, I think this would sell with some changes. Some people will hate it, but they don't have to buy it.


... Yeah, I couldn't buy a shirt that made of any sort of religion... I think it's wrong. But have fun!


That's great! I'd wear it for sure. I agree with others about the "zombiefication." 5$


I so wish I could say this is funny but it's very disrespectful.


Yes, the concept is offensive, but the artwork? EVEN. MORE. OFFENSIVE. I've taken dumps with better line quality than this.


"boo hoo im sad for jesus"
not really, i think this is a pretty funny shirt, i wouldn't buy it because the design doesn't really appeal to me, but i still think it's funny. and i like the quality of the work because it reminds me of those old like biblical colouring books you would get in sunday school.


i agree with zanders (catjuice) and a few others. at first i didn't see the rotting skin part, but i appreciate the subtlety. and partaking in Christianity, i would possibly wear this to a church event. (knowing of course, that most of my acquaintances have a good sense of humor.)




this rocks, but more zombiefacation, green might be too much but a little more rot on the face maybe, NO TEXT inside on the label is enough for me , you rock


I think this is in the right direction, but it needs to be like ten times more offensive. Maybe have him eating a baby, or a puppy.


i agree dead on with bernequin. some times being offensive is a good thing but i would not intentionally make a joke out of the major religous figure of any religion. There needs to still be limits. 0


I had my initial reaction to Jesus/religion shirts, which is to automatically skip to the next one, but then I caught a glance at one of the comments... and when I realized that there was more going on than just Jesus, it totally cracked me up! Personally, I think it is HILARIOUS. Like some others, I couldn't wear it, but if I saw it somewhere, it would totally crack me up. And I VERY MUCH agree with the suggestion to add the title to the shirt!

(With a Hunger for the Flesh of the Living)


I personally wouldn't wear it, but I know people who would, it's a clever idea, Like everyone else has said, needs to be more zombie-ish....perhaps missing an eye? Oooh and maybe instead of using the 'he is risen' text, he could be saying 'braaainnsss' or something zombie like.


Put the title in smaller text and I'll buy it.

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