Lonely Whale

Save the whale, stop killing them

Watch this

like the whale, lose the text.


I agree with ehirschklau. Lose the text & circle.


Like the illustration, would probably get rid of the circle cos he looks like he's playing with a beach ball at the moment


I'm Norwegian, and as our T-shirts say...
We kill whales for fun! :p


... wow. What if someone killed you for fun, Talisker. So not funny.


i actually really like the text on this one, i think it deepens the message and goes very well stylistically.

maybe move the circle a little farther from the whales nose though, it does look like a ball


this is good but the tear looks like a sperm. ha


Yeah... that's the only thing I don't like about Norway so far. ;P

I think the text ball should be farther from the whale; I agree with the comment that it looks kind of like a big ball that close to it.


Like it a lot but get rid of the words


I don't like tshirts that try to lecture people. Nicely done from an art point of view though.


if you loose the text people'll think it's a sperm whale...
maybe make it more like a tear???


i really like it. i like the messeage and if you didn't have the text it wouldn't get the point across. it's great! keep the text, get rid of the blue circle. i hope it gets printed!


How sad... j 3j hugs the whale

If it was executed a bit better I'd so buy it. You get a 5 just for the message, though.


i like this so much! yay5!


im not sure if im right..but i think the squiggly part of the tear is the whales eye....but if you dont look at it that way...it looks like sperm


i agree with monarch. i'm not going to spend 15 bucks on a shirt just to lecture someone. anyways, nice design, but the text is nasty. get a-rid of it. 4'd


i like this, its deep.

haha get it. whale in deep water.



I like it, and the text is fine but maybe not in a ball.


why on a brown tee though?


I thought the whale was looking
into space 'cuz aliens took his bro.

The blue circle seems to compete
with the whale instead of contribute
to the design.

I agree with the comments about
the white squiggly resembling
a huge sperm.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The whale drawing is perfect...the text takes away from that. It's also the title of a movie.


yeah maybe if you moved the tear drop away from the eye it wouldnt look like a sprem and lose the circle w/ text it over dominates the design


I like the concept. Move the ball and the text to the backside, or a little part on one sleeve?


I like the whale, lose the circle & text.

Derry Farm

I love the Whale but I don't like the text.
The movie is great but I don't remember this guy in it. LOL

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