how to protest

be delightfully ambiguous, yet political.

Watch this

somehow, the shirt doesn't really stard too well by itself I'm afraid. The shirt title makes the whole thing more understandable in my opinion. Maybe if you redesigned it such that the boy is reading a book where we can see the title of "how to protest" and the sign and such are next to him, it owuld be more quickly picked up on.


He's writing with the wrong hand!



very cute drawing. i agree that the meaning might be slightly vague, but so many t.shirts on this site are.


it's great, but i hate the colors on the design.


haha antirighthandist hahaha.. but yea.. maybe if there were some protest-like words on the sign it may become a bit more clear.


just be careful in the words that you might put on the sign as it would change the demographic of who would like the shirt...good idea though

lemon of pink

i did consider writing something like 'Stop...' on the sign, but I didn't know if it needed it. i suppose that could always be added.


How can you write with the wrong hand?

I like it alot ^_^

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Without the title some people won't get the message you're trying to say. Maybe some will think that the guy/boy is doing his homework or some sort of school project.

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I truly like your stlye, but not this sub... Looking forward to your next sub.

GoOd luck.


randomly picking something out of a newspaper and protesting it.
I think that is accurate about some of the people that protest
I think people should protest the newspaper just stop buying it/reading it and while your at it turn off the news.


LOSMATTOCKS - I worked at a camp last summer and was completely cut off from the news for 9 weeks. trust me it doesnt really make life better the way people think it will


i think it needs the speech bubble on the actual design.


It would be much better if the title was written on the shirt. However--a four, good job, seeing as how I'm so picky about shirts!


I don't like the style of the drawing or the intention itself, 'cause you can't see it. 3.

lemon of pink

well, i don't fully understand the last two comments, but i appreciate the rest of your feedback.


I like the concept, but not the execution of it so much.

Capt. Cooter

i like this shirt mucho mucho.

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