Kiwi Playground

Kiwis are flightless birds that are known to play on kiwifruit when not being watched.

Watch this

The lightest green, the color of the kiwi birds, should be darker. My home monitor is going out, sorry 'bout that.


Makes me want to eat some kiwi (the fruit, not the bird).


I really like kiwis, and I like this picture
But one thing disturbs me: The Kiwi sliding just looks strange. It just would fall down like that. Copy and pasting does your work no good...


As a Kiwi myself I was instantly drawn to it. But the style seems rough more like just a live trace and the colours look a little murky not vibrant. Also wants the tuft between the beak and head? A moustache maybe... The concept is funny but I dont dig the execution .. sorry.


I have a friend that this would be perfect for, his nickname has been Kiwi since forever.

I like it alot, but the bird on the left does seem a bit strange.


Okay, thanks for the comments!
Both the kiwi birds and the kiwifruit were hand traced from royalty-free stock photos. The birds are exactly the same bird, rotated.

The colors are disappointing. My monitor at home is going dark, and the colors were more vibrant and not so washed out. I take satisfaction in that my son loves this. :)


it looks like a platypus...i dunno how you pluralize "platypus" but thts what the birds look like


OMG ITS KIWIS! i love u! AMAZAING. I would buy it for more than 15... like as much as it takes to ship it to where i live.


Both "platypuses" and "platypus" are correct for the plural of platypus. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)


It needs more definition, harsher lines on the kiwi fruit.


Nice to see some diversity on this sight for a change. People keep forgetting that not everyone is american. I love the concept but i agree that the kiwis look a bit funny with the thing on their beaks.


Andraide, its not really a slide, its the kiwi peal!


i love this soooomuch

Easy Jack

I like this shirt alot for I love both the Kiwi fruit and the Kiwi bird.

The color selection is nice and doesn't need to change. In my opinion the shirt is very clever and in all forms pretty much perfect. But that could be my Kiwi bias speaking.

Either way great shirt, would buy! $5.


oh my gosh yes. my husbands from new zealand and he would love this!!!!!!!!


Kiwi Lovers!

I have another kiwi shirt design that is pending. You might want to keep your eyes peeled for that one, too.

Thanks for the feedback so far!


i think this is hysterical.
i do agree, though, that the tuft above the beaks of the kiwis is unnecessary, and the kiwi sliding should be drawn to look like he's actually sliding.



This is great. I think the kiwis would look better without the little forehead tufts, though.


Like it, but again agree, remove the tuft and make seperate out individual legs on the birds.


I love it! I'll buy one!


Oh.. i thoguht the tuff were waving hands... i really liked them


The voting public has spoken. The tufts will be removed! :D


kiwis are the best (the birds)


One of the coolest animals ever. Oh, and to thoose who said it would fall down standing like that, they don't fall down, but they do stand like that, their beek goes on to the ground usally, odd birds, but cool. 5


i lovee KIWI [the fruit]!!!

i want it NOW!!!



Lose the tufts and print it on a brown shirt and I'd buy it.


This would look great on brown I'd definatly buy one


the kiwi fruit is defined, but the birds and the ladder arent make them more visible. a third bird would be cuter, maybe climbing up the ladder.


Thank you for all your great suggestions and for the score! :D

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