ill be home for xmas

not sure exactly why, but I love it.

Watch this

It makes me sad and want to cry. But I love it. It is pro-soldier but anti-war, and it has no anti-American propaganda (though I'm sure you'll get alot of people saying it's unAmerican and to stop whining about the war, ignore them.) I am loving this immensely and voting $5.


Awesome...way to show American pride and the spirit we desperately need. Rock on!


I like how this shirt is really politically ambiguous, and either the left or right could have totally different interpretations of its meaning.


Political statements never go over too well here.

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Reminds me of the day after tomorrow by Tom Waits. Too big though, and the typography could be better(don't get me wrong i like it, just thinks it could use some more work :)
3 for now


another liberal political statement! yay!


I didnt know santa had a tank


How about the tank running over a x-mas tree or better rudolph (all you see under the tank tread would be his flashing red-nose? AWESOME!


I like it! I will not make it home for christmas but I will for Thanksgiving! (soldier in iraq)


No words.....but I like it!


i dont really like "patriotic" themes, but i really like this.


blink 182 !! :D


Oh goodness, give me a break.


good message (not for me though...)

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typography is bad, even if people do like the message.

Terry Citizen

i'd like to see the typography hand it was a letter home.... give it that personal touch. maybe "I'll be home for christmas XXOO"


Ultimately i think the 'over by christmas' comment would be linked to the famous British WWI statement that the war would be 'over by christmas' 1914. when in fact it went on for a good deal thereafter.

Anyhoo if it is meant in a patriotic way then I find it somewhat insulting that whichever country is currently being ravaged by the US will be finished with soon - which is what is implied to me. Especially since the US is supposed to be establishing a democracy atm rather then kicking generic 'foreign' ass and being back for Christmas.


i could swear i have seen this before.. but oh well.. personaly i wouldnt want to wear it mainly cuz i am not american and i dont like how big the text is. well other people seem to like it so i guess you did a good job:p


jeezus, I thought it was just a tank with some words. I didn't realize it signified the fifth coming of christ.


aewsome you should pursue more shirts like this...awesome


I don't like the font, but I love the idea.



font is a bit big... i like the handwritten idea... and maybe place the font off to the bottom left of the shirt in hand writing... kinda as an afterthought... or some bitter twist...
either way.. someone said it was ambiguous... and i subscribe to that. i like that a lot actually..
only complaint is that the tank is a bit crude.. although maybe that's what you want.
i do like it. definitely a 4.

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