indie rocker

  • by cchana
  • posted Oct 29, 2005

wrong placement. nice style.

Watch this

The guitar looks like it gives the
person one huge rumpus to sit on.


After such a phallic thumbnail, I am most disappointed


the guitar needs to be outlined better, and it needs to be placed somewhere else...

xx oh darling

The guitar looks as if it's just part of the player's body. Not very appealing. If it had its own outline however, it would look a lot better. The placement has me pretty iffy also.

steph is BEAT

i like it. but i think there is a dilemma with your placement.


On first glance, looks like a guy with a real fat but.

Anna banana

its just not complete something seems missing


it looks like a guy with a huge butt with his arm out.. and a long string coming out of the back of him

haha i might buy it just so people would ask what the hell is on my shirt


I thought it was a large person as well.


hah look like he has a fat butt and hes holding his ... thing.. o_O

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Indie rocker? He kinda looks like a country singer (is that an acoustic guitar?)


Doesnt work as a design, or as a t shirt design.


I first thought of Josie and the Pussycats. But none of them played guitars, did they? Or wait. I dunno. Never really watched J&tP, even though I did watch the Chan Clan. Weird.

I think the guitar definately needs outlining.


at first i thought it was a really lumpy, fat woman with a tail.


like the concept! but the guitar looks like a giant backside. maybe showing a space somewhere between the body and the arm. cool idea, id buy it


On first glance, looks like a guy with a real fat but.


what i was thinking


I love the design, but please better color choices?


i love it ! (after i figured out it wasnt a large person...)


Kool but to centered, and the colors need to be more wOw, you know, plus the whole rocker thing is so neat, all in all id wearit !!!


it looks like the guy and the guitar are one object. i would like it a lot more if youd outline the guitar. otherwise, its pretty cool. i like it with the brown a lot.


its empty

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