• by ryeofcali
  • posted Oct 28, 2005
Watch this

it's like a video game. reminds me of adventure games. sweet *


the yeti reminds me of something from gama go...maybe a yeti...


blurred genitalia is funny. 5


is the yeti's dick supposed to be pixelated out like he's flashing us?

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

he's not flashing, he's just in his natural environment, and his unmentionables must be shielded from innocent young minds


the blurred out dick just ruins this otherwise awesome design. just lose it completely, then you get a 5$. for now just a 5.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Ha ha, it looks like theres another face on his chest too. Nipples = Eyes.


That's the frickin best thing I've seen all day.


I agree with theothersideofpink.

I liked it... until I read these and realised the pixeled out dick... I like it alot though, lose the pixeled out disck, and a $5.


The iceberg needs more ice under water
for it to float. You have shirt space for
it and you could add other neat things
in there too.

- get rid of pixelated groin


^ oops - not for it to float, but for
it to float with that much ice
to be above water.


man, this is like the first shirt i actually really want to be printed. i really like it, just not the pixeled out penis...yeah.

print this! $5


cute. lose the blurred dick.
maybe make the snow monkey smile more.
and perhaps get rid of the angler fish...they only live way down below the surface and i dont think like iceberg when i think of angler fish.

definite potential.



Yeah, the pixels...just use hair.

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

ok, you all win, when i redo, the blurro-0-vision will go away :(

as for the angler fish, it's staying!
if i were to get rid of everything that wasn't realistic, there would be nothing left!:( especially snow monkeys....

thank you all for the advice/encouragement


reminds me of that ride in Disneyland, but yeah, I like it 5$


sorry no its not

i love the penguins though


blur has got to go.

and the chest does make a face - you might want to try seperating the yeti-boobs a bit more- like 2 v's. or not.

and when i think arctic - i want to see an orca tipping a baby seal of an outlying small iceberg. that'd be sweet.

otherwise - i like the concept, and the colors. but, it could probably stand to be a little lower on the shirt, and offset - so it's not so dead center and relatively symmetrical.

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