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Awful shirts #1

  • by Scarybear
  • posted Nov 07, 2005

Bad idea/bad drawing. Who would were this? What are you doing Threadless??!!

Watch this
arremgee profile pic Alumni

Bad idea/bad drawing. Who would wear this? What are you doing, Threadless?!*

In addition, your sentences are fragmented and don't flow well together. You get a C-.


It's actually quite a nice shirt.


and that's coming from someone who owns Outbreak Girl...


Yeah! You tell them! Now, the shirt will disappear!


The drawing is very good.... i don't eat pork.


Um, I would? Cause I bought it.


I would wear it to. And I'm going to, as soon as I get money.

stickymike profile pic Alumni

"Who would wearthis?"

Cannibals on cannibal pride day, possibly in the cannibal pride parade

morbidboy profile pic Alumni

I so love my shirt... thanks to all that voted on it!


i'm a strictly kosher eating jew and i'm getting it :)


I think you might be confused.

Popular taste is not art. Art, here, might be lovely design and the like. But the popular taste votes for something different. You can't understand a shirt's popularity if you stick to its design per se. You have to dig deeper.

Tentatively, I think popular taste likes to be amused, and likes a shirt where if you look at it your viewing mind is taking off into some other larger experience. If a shirt leads to lots of different viewing experiences, it wins.

Whatever you think of this shirt, you can't help thinking about something larger than it is when you look upon it.


wow, such horrid comments on this entry!
I myself am not a fan of the shirt, but popular consensus wins over my opinion and I must move on to better things...


Myself, I would wear this sort of shirt with some humor and selfawareness in it for a solid year, and pay $10 each day for the privilege, before I'd wear such crap as "My Little Pony" (for instance). This weeks' shirts have 4-5 that I'd buy over the past three week's 2nd best, and this is one of the better shirts this week.

Wake up and smell the bacon fat!


Who would wear it?
Smug vegans, like me! :D

Bramish profile pic Alumni

It's a nice illustration but not something that appeals to me. But your original comment is rather silly. Threadless aren't dumb. People are obviously gonna buy this. It scored 2.70.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

wouldn't wear it myself, but there's nothing wrong with it and it's certainly not bad looking.. Besides, it's selling like hotcakes.
As long as i like at least one or two of the tees they print each week, threadless is doing a fine job in my book.

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Am I too late for the Vagina Marathon?


Not only would I wear it ... I am wearing it! teehee


if it's #1...are there more to come?

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

I think a "were"wolf would "were" this you negative bad spelling jackass

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

And plus you suck penis.

The Domo

Not only did I buy it, but I also use it to clothe myself on occasion! Crazy stuff.



I have no opinion on this shirt, but I love to read the comments a person gets when they complain.

It's great fun.


well i'll be rocking this first thing when it comes in the mail, and expect a gallery photo of me chewing on a mannequin's arm


Actually I love it! I wore it yesterday morning to breakfast. The waitress laughed forever when I ordered bacon :S.


"and that's coming from someone who owns Outbreak Girl... "
<h2> Burn</h2>
I own it.. I love it.. I eat people... shit happens. jk


Next time, when you don't like a tee...Keep it for you :)

They Call Me Special K

i doubt they will see its been months since this was originally posted. why the bump?

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Are you Vincent D'Onofrio?

staffell profile pic Alumni

its that leftie again!!

Per Danger

I think worst I've seen is that Mission Accomplished travesty of a shirt that they try to push you after a tour in the White House.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

shhhh Not everyone shares your veiwpoints.


No thats the best site ever.


Didn't I send you that site when you said you were bored once?

max fischer

i guess its a funny thought, but actually seeing the drawing of a pig eating itself makes me a little bit sick. and not just cause i'm veg.

max fischer

i guess its a funny thought, but actually seeing the drawing of a pig eating itself makes me a little bit sick. and not just cause i'm veg.

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"Jason, you've got a shirt on your website that says 'I'll race to your vagina'.

Why are you talking about bad ideas?"

For some people it's not about winning, it's about taking part.

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