Noir et Blanc

We're all tired of life's grey areas. Keep life simple, stick with Black and White.

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A bit too much of a zoo gift shop item for me, but I do like your style. Keep it up!


i got the exact same shirt at the zoo. only it cost $20 and this only costs $15. so, cool. i like it, but i don't wanna own more than one zebra shirt unless the second one is fucking insane.


I love it, ......where's its mane?


I love the zebra itself and how it has that woodcut look to it. But I'm a bit of an illustrator snob and I can spot a brush when I see one. and that border reeks of an illustrator ink brush. 3


Agree about it seeming zoo gift shoppy. Agree about lack of mane. Wondering why there's a darker-black lower lip. Although, liking the heart in the eye.

Can't find a hook to make me want it.


more zebras!!! <3 i wouldn' tbuy though...


Ditto on the boring. Also, it looks odd with just the lower lip and some of the face black while the rest is a dark grey.


I like the detail on the bottem right.

The Detroit Zoo has something like this at their gift shop. sorry. I don't want to come off as ajerk, but this looks too commercial. I like Z's. hmmm.... wow I went up to look at it again and I just saw a review that seid the same gift shop thing. I like the start just work with it more. Again I like the detail on the bottem right


i love zebras! but i wouldn't buy this. sorry.


Much too plain. sspice things up, or make the zebra itself tighter...


Also, if your point is that "We're all tired of life's grey areas. Keep life simple, stick with Black and White" then why is the zebra grey, and only the border black?

Also agree that this is a zoo gift shop souvenir. Next.

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